Susan Newman, host and founder of Broadcast Louder, welcomes a broad variety of guest entrepreneurs at the top of their field who will teach YOU the best branding, social media, networking, web presence, and marketing strategies that will explode your brand’s visibility and propel your business to gain a larger “targeted” audience and new sales growth opportunities.

I want to explain why I founded Broadcast Louder and go over some of the benefits these online webinar classes will bring to your business.

Before I started my own company I worked in Corporate America, but since 1994, I have been an entrepreneur and my businesses have grown, economy good or bad. I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I know how to attract the right “targeted clients.” I broadcast my brand visibility through in-person speaking engagements, events and meetings, my web presence of social communities, social media sites, video and audio uploads and consistent blogging and have implemented these strategies into my businesses.

Your company is unique and you have your own ideas about what’s right for you. I want to tell you that the same principles that work for me, can work for you and I want to help you build them into your business.

In each of the online webinar classes, I am joined by an expert speaker, hand-picked by me, to teach you the most effective and up-to-date ideas in building your business for optimum visibility and increased ROI.