Understanding Google Analytics Will Help YOU Build a Better Online Presence – Webinar
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To watch this webinar, click here >> Understanding Google Analytics Will Help YOU Build a Better Online Presence.

To download the pdf so you can enlarge the presentation and see the details better, click here >> Understanding Google Analytics Will Help YOU Understand Your Clients Better, So You Can Give Them More!

If You prefer video’s, be sure to visit my YouTube channel, where I have 3-4 on Google Analytics, overview, custom reports and others >> Videos on Google Analytics and Assorted Tutorials

Understanding Google Analytics Webinar to Get Your Clients and Build a Better Website ( virtual real porn )
In this overview session we discuss the key areas to look for when reviewing the various sections. It’s not just how many are visiting but what they are doing once on your site. When you understand your visitors movements better, you have all the keys for a more successful website.

What the stats are saying about your content
Tracking your visitors social engagement
What does bounce, entrance and exit rate mean
Why it’s important to know the sources of who’s linking to you
If you study the time visitors spend on pages, and what they do afterward, you learn more about their activity
How to set up custom reports so you only track what you need to know. An example is here mrluckypov

You will NOT find these classes anywhere else.

I guarantee you will learn so much and once implemented into your OWN business cam girls porn, will make a tremendous difference in your growth, reach and sales!

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