Brand Visibility Domination On Google in Six Weeks and How I Did It

It was just six weeks ago that I decided to start an internet radio show (finally) on Talkshoe. I decided I wanted this new venture to be really fun, so I named the show, Johny Brandtastic. It’s a 30 minute internet radio interview of creatives and entrepreneurs, branding, and marketing colleagues

Suzy Brandtastic Interview Series on Talkshoe Radio

Tomorrow I will broadcast just the 10th episode but as you can see from the screenshots below, the name is spreading fast! For each show I prepare by reviewing the guest’s web presence, and getting to know them and develop what I want to feature about them. Then connecting on social media and community sites and creating Tweets and Facebook posts, and Facebook event posts. I also post about it elsewhere, such as on,,,,,, and Free Sex Chat It doesn’t take that long to post slightly different content in all those places. Now, I don’t even have to post everywhere as it’s getting picked up anyway.

The reason I’m showing you this if because if you want to Broadcast Louder, and get your brand noticed, this is how you do it. Do the search yourself (suzy brandtastic) and look at how many posts and how other sites are picking the information up.

Think Creatively: Your Unique and Fun Definition or Name + Consistency = Global Brand VirtuaVisibility

What creative ways have you found to