Can Social Media Help? Only When You Connect With Like-Minded People

tap into like minded people for social media to workA few weeks ago I entered the “Chase Mission Small Business” 250K Grant Giveaway. Chase,¬† collaborating with Facebook has a website which gives you the ability to search and vote for your favorite small businesses locally or across the USA.

I thought… I have over 1000 friends on Facebook and over 5500 followers on Twitter, so to get 250 votes in a few weeks should be a snap, Right? Wrong!

Only a few people saw my posts on Facebook and voted. A few on Twitter and even on Savor the Success, a network of women entrepreneurs, a few of us voted for each other.

After considering this, I thought, what am I missing and why do others have over 250 already and I only have 90? Then I saw a Tweet with the hashtag#missionsmallbusiness” and realized I hadn’t tapped into the right sweet spot, the right network. The people who had entered! I spent two days voting for other small businesses and they all voted back! Small businesses helping other small businesses, of course!

Marketing, social media and brand strategists always talk about knowing how to reach the target market and I just realized that not only did I tap into a large circle that would help me as I help them, but we were also introducing ourselves and learning about wide variety of great small businesses all over the country! I have a lot of new people to follow!

Good luck to all that entered and I’m so glad I relearned this important lesson, it will really help me when I need to target other specific groups!