Tips on Branding, Color Attraction, and Believing You Can Achieve Your Goals

I just watched a great webinar from Social Buzz Club with special guest Pam Brossman, author of The Millionaire Attitude. That’s a book I will just have to read! Aston Martin Red sportscarWhat I learned in the past hour has to be shared. I learned so much, thank you Pam!

1- If I don’t start my day on a positive note, the day won’t go well. Start the day with a smile and happy thoughts.

2- Take the time to map out my goals, not just for the day but for the year. Things I plan to achieve, places I want to go, how much income I wish to make, and things I’d like to buy. If you write it all down and plan it, it will happen.

3- Pam challenged us to think of one big goal for the year, and announce it on social media, because when you do, you have engaged others and won’t want to fail, so you will make it happen. (Going to think of what that will be!)

4- A great business issue to consider; of all the potential clients and estimates written, how many in the past 30 days, signed on and became clients?

5- Know Your Worth! Yes, this is the most important issue that most forget about. Sometimes when things aren’t going exactly as we wish, we start to doubt ourselves. Forget that and stop it right now! Everyone has abundant talent, creative gifts and has a voice that needs to be heard. Just get out there and do what you must.

6- ****This one gets a star!**** Color is so important! Bright colors attract business! As a designer I loved this part and how in the slides she showed some before and after photos. Pam and her husband, Steve Brossman, who live in Australia, now wear and use certain bright colors in their branding, print marketing, interior design and clothing. Cyan, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple… when you stand out with color, people notice you, and certain colors mean certain things, love this. (Time to get rid of the beige, gray, black, well maybe not the black…)

So, what has this made me think about?

Everyday is open to what I make it. I can choose to be down or up, decide every minute of every day just how to spend that day. What projects to work on, who to work with, and how to find those new potential targeted clients by how I express myself, both visually and physically.

Definitely catch the replay on Social Buzz Club!