Pollination Consistently Between Your Website and Social Media Really Works

I’m going to start with the data, because that will show you what can happen in just one month of continuous activity.

Before we began, there were only 235 visitors to the website in the past month, and minimal social activity. This was due to the client focusing on running and managing the brick and mortar business, but ignoring the online factor. When you think only locally instead of globally, you are missing a huge opportunity.

One month later: 1,987 visits, unique visitors 1,659, pageviews 16,366, average time on site 3:24 and bounce rate 29%.

As for social media we just added the follow icons so the likes and followers are growing, but we still need to add the share buttons for the social activity to explode.

So, how did I get 8.5 x the visits and grow this small business shop in one month?

bee hovers over flower to show pollinationI did a variety of things consistently almost everyday. Added new photos to the website galleries or video to YouTube. Of course I titled and tagged the photos and video properly. Once I uploaded the video, I’d post the video to Facebook. When I added new gallery images, I’d share those on Facebook and Pinterest also. I added the app Pinvolve to the Facebook page to make it easier to pin images, posts and more.

The consistent action and cross pollination is what is bringing expanded and new traffic to the website. In addition, because of this sales are up as well.

Plans for the future include developing new Tweets for types of products, as well as holidays, continuing to expand Facebook with revolving cover images and custom pages and implementing a better, more consistent email marketing plan.

Once all of this is in action and we maintain a timely schedule, you know the traffic, social interaction and business will be booming!