Small Business Reality Report: Stay the Course

After watching both the Republican and Democratic conventions and hearing just a bit of their future plans of action, I say “Stay the Course.”

This election couldn’t be more important to small business owners and I’m going to tell you why.

Having a service-based small business that helps other small businesses and entrepreneurs, my business is the perfect gauge on how the economy is doing.

When the economy slows, my business is immediately impacted because companies cut advertising, promotion, and any expansion or growth ideas. Many reduce but most eliminate these expenses. It’s obvious as we watch TV, most of the commercials are in these three categories, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and fast food. They are the only types with a sustained budget.

It’s a mistake to cut out advertising and promotion all together. Even when times are tough, a little promotion can help you as well as others.

Since 2011, after a few up and down years, I see steady and continued expansion and growth in my business and this tells me that the economy is moving in the right direction, because more and more small businesses now have that money to update, change, and grow.

Let’s not change the course this November and continue on right path. If I’m seeing growth everyone will soon enough.

Small Business Reality Report: Stay the Course