Rock Your Woohoo: 4 Simple Steps to Embody Your Rock Star Brand – Guest Post by Lisa Steadman

Guest Post by Lisa Steadman, chief Woohoo woman, Woohoo, Inc.

Rock stars. What is it about them that makes us so giddy, emotional, and drawn IN? True, they live a life most people only dream about. The private jets, legions of fans, millions of dollars, and mega houses around the world. What’s NOT to covet?

But when you get underneath the flash and fabulousness, there’s another reason we love rock stars. They fully live, love, and light up the world as only they can.

Plainly stated, they rock the Woohoo that THEY do as only THEY can.

And that, my friends, is the Woohoo Way to Rock Star Branding.

Regardless of WHO your favorite rock star is from Katy Perry to Steven Tyler to Fergie to Carrie Underwood, each of these rock stars rocks our world because they have owned, embodied, and celebrated 4 key areas of rock star brand success.

Whether you’re ready to sell out stadiums or simply connect with a handful of raving fans, here are 4 easy ways to rock the Woohoo that YOU do in your rock star brand…

Beyonce plays air guitarStep 1: Walk Like A Rock Star

If you lie awake nights, worrying about how you’ll transform the mission in your head and heart into a brilliant message for the world, you’re not alone. You’re actually in excellent company. All true rock stars are mission-driven, and hold a vision of rocking it out on stage to millions of screaming fans long before they ever go on tour.

So how do you start sharing the Woohoo that YOU do, starting today? It starts with embodying your inner rock star. Walking like he/she would. Wearing the beautiful clothing your rock star wants to wear. Aligning your energy with your mission so whenever you leave the house or engage with your ideal clients and fans online, you’re magnetizing your rock star self as only you can. This is what lights up the world. So come on, get ready to ROCK!

FergieStep 2: Talk Like A Rock Star

OK, you’re strutting your stuff as only you can. What’s next? It’s time to find your authentic voice and share it. This starts with tuning in to your Woohoo Within, clarifying your languaging, creating magnetizing messaging that’s distinct and buzz worthy, and then engaging your audience authentically (without being overtly self promotional). Remember, this isn’t about you. This is about who your fans are and what they NEED.

MadonnaStep 3: Shock Like A Rock Star

You don’t have to be Lady Gaga to be shocking. But here’s the secret to rock star success: It’s not about trying to appeal to EVERYONE. True rock star status comes from owning your innate value, celebrating the Woohoo that YOU do, and broadcasting widely so you can attract the fans, clients, and customers who NEED you, understand you, relate to you, and adore you.

PinkStep 4: Rock Like A Rock Star

And finally, once you’ve mastered the art of walking, talking, and shocking like a rock star, it’s time to ROCK. This is where the visibility you’ve been craving (AND fearing) comes in. It’s now time to step into your spotlight, confident and clear in who you are, and share your Woohoo with the world as only YOU can. Remember, your rock star brand isn’t really even about you. You are simply the BEST messenger the universe, God, whatever you believe in, could find to deliver your message to the masses. When you take your ego out of the equation, you will be able to rock the Woohoo that YOU do in record time.

So there you have it. The 4 ways all true Rock Stars captivate, inspire, and transform us. And when all 4 areas are in full alignment and embodiment in YOUR business, you not only get to rock the Woohoo that YOU do, but your brand will reach rock star status, too.


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