Be Yourself Online with Social Engagement

Woman Thinking and has questionsBefore the web and social media, we’d sit in front of the TV and yell, but no one heard us except maybe our family (if they were listening). We’d talk on the phone with friends and family and discuss this or that, but it didn’t go much further.

Isn’t it amazing how that all has changed? In one day I can share an interview, post a client’s upcoming event or one of my own, schedule tweets for a day or days, and share my thoughts on the idiotic political goings on. I can share news items of value and add my own commentary. We can tell others how we’re feeling about almost any given subject and even ask for advice.

There are those who believe there’s a place for the variety of topics we care about. For example, I shouldn’t post about amphibians and frogs on Branding You Better’s Facebook page and I guess a post about Branding wouldn’t be right for the Frogs Are Green’s page.

Do we have to watch what we say and where we’re posting? What about when we join groups and everyone wants everyone else to follow their Twitter handles and Facebook pages? Is that jumbling things together? What if I write political tweets while watching the news and those that follow for branding issues are possibly offended and stop following?

Any of my posts could be on building a better web presence, Yankees baseball, travel, music or saving frogs, among lots of other topics.

So which “me” do I reveal and to whom… or should I be myself to all? After all, in real life my friends and family don’t limit the subjects we talk about!