Moving a WordPress Blog from One Hosted Space to Another Without Stress

One of my blogs is called i-tees where I share gallery openings, other events and adventures through photography, video and posts. I realized that this single domain was being hosted all by itself, and a smarter and more cost effective way would be to move the domain and the WordPress blog into one of my deluxe hosting accounts that supports multiple domains. I wanted to do this very carefully because I didn’t want to lose 115 posts and 38 galleries.

i-tees header design by sndiI downloaded the site through an FTP connection (Dreamweaver), so I’d have all pages,  images, etc. I also exported an xml file to my desktop which would have all the content (posts and pages), and I also backed the site up and downloaded the database (sql).

Well, this all seems great except it all somehow didn’t work absolutely perfectly, even with my hosting company helping me. So, I wanted to tell what I did, to get my blog back up, stress-free.

I created a new database and I installed WordPress again but in a “wordpress” folder. I did my basic edits to the settings, added a new and improved header and customized the CSS to my color palette. I started adding all my favorite plugins and some new ones and my plan is to build it even better than it was before.

I imported that xml file and poof, all my posts and pages were back, but my image galleries were missing. I reinstalled my gallery plugin, and re-uploaded all the image folders. Then I had to edit each of the gallery pages so it was calling the right gallery #. I worked in the pages and then created the new menu section and shuffled the pages where I wanted them.

All that’s left was adding back a few images that were in posts, and it was ready to go live again. I will say I’m not thrilled that I had to do these things, but one added bonus is being able to have the latest version of WordPress and be able to upgrade what I had previously, so it is better than ever!

Now it’s time to write more, add video and build more sections.