It Takes A Community to Build A Broadcast Platform

It’s just a few days before Broadcast Louder is at full speed ahead; (our first FREE webinar on Facebook Timeline Design – Branding & Marketing Must Haves is 3/14 at 2pm est) and I wanted to talk a little about how I’m building this community learning experience of creatives and professionals.

Broadcast Louder Guests Spring 2012There are so many ways to reach those targeted entrepreneurs and small business owners. First of course was to write and map out what the classes would be on and hand pick those amazing guests. Then I wrote to each expert and told them of my plan and recruited them. This platform gives them a chance to teach some of their proven strategies while at the same time promote themselves and their businesses.

Then I designed and built the graphics and website, carefully building the functionality. I had already secured the domain name and once having that, I grabbed that name everywhere… Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, FourSquare, etc.

Then of course it was time to start promoting the program through social media and by blogging to keeping the site fresh. Little by little the interest and following started to grow and I held contests to offer FREE classes. Each expert guest provided great content as did Broadcast Louder which made for a rich power packed 60 minutes each week.

Wanting each classmate to benefit from learning and connecting with other likewise individuals, in addition to the contests, if they listened to the first free class which featured Debbie Ingle, and answered 4 questions, they were featured on the site with their links. (This is still open to anyone who wishes to be featured – Listen here >>)

Broadcast Louder’s platform is not just to hold new classes on new and important topics, but to build a community so that all are gaining visibility and reach.

In the off season before classes begin again, I took the website to a new level. Building in an Affiliate section, now everyone can earn and grow as we all learn. I have also added a products (shopping cart) which has both audio downloads and the new class course.

Online and social media is important, but I wanted to also bring to light what I have done within my own community.

I printed up a small flyer and have posted so far in a few key places, and will tackle two more locations within the next few days. The Hoboken Business Center which has a table to lay postcards and business cards, The Monroe Center for the Arts, which has bulletin board areas in the lobby, and this week, Hoboken City Hall.

I have also emailed the flyer to a few key people, who I have asked to post so others in the local community will see it and act.

Here are a few stats to show you how it’s all working when you stay on target and  consistent.

1- The website visitor growth has quintupled in a few short months.
2- The time visitors spend on the site has tripled.
3- Alexa (as of this post) has ranked the website: has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 470,523. The site’s visitors view 13.0 unique pages each day on average. It has attained a traffic rank of 75,241 among users in the US, where we estimate that 90% of its audience is located. The time spent in a typical visit to is about eighteen minutes, with 88 seconds spent on each pageview. This site has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of New York (#12,937).


The Bottom Line

It’s gaining speed, interest, and it’s my plan that everyone will benefit (and earn) based on where it’s headed.

If you have any suggestions for webinar/topics that you feel are needed, please email me! I’m always interested in new ideas and helping everyone be more successful!

Facebook Timeline Design Branding and Marketing Strategies and Free Webinar

It’s been about a week since Facebook started rolling out the new look of the Facebook “pages” for companies, topical and cause pages, and the group pages. There have been some kinks in the roll out. I still haven’t been able to get a group header image to stick. Everytime I upload it, it sends me away to another page.

I changed two of my company pages, so far, to the timeline design, adding the cover images, and on one, changed the width of my two additional pages to the new wider size, but also realized in doing so, that I must now rethink what those extra pages are for. Now that we cannot have a first impression with that single Facebook app page and new prospects land on our timeline, it’s the cover shot and profile (or logo) image that will play a significant role. But how do those app pages come to life and how do we get people to them?
Facebook Timeline design free webinar - branding and marketing techniques

On March 14th, Broadcast Louder will be joined by Louis Tanguay of Circle Marketing for the first FREE Webinar of the Spring season.

We will be discussing branding and marketing techniques, so you are making the most of the new design styling and functionality. Here’s just some of what we will cover in this 60 minute webinar/teleclass.

  • Cover Image – Great opportunity to increase your brand presence.
  • Pinned Posts – Pin an important post to the top of your timeline.
  • Apps (Formerly known as Custom Tabs) – You can have only three revealed, so which 3?
  • Messaging – You can now talk directly and privately with your customers.
  • What Facebook Is Thinking – Facebook wants to provide a controlled environment for you to build stronger and more-connected-with relationships with your fans and customers.

So join us, March 14th at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST

Sign up for this FREE Webinar- Click here!