Social Media and Online Advertising vs Print Marketing and In Person Networking

I’ve been thinking about this topic for quite some time. So much of what we used to create, and how we met new people, we now do digitally. But is it enough, is it working?

I am reminiscing on some of the promotional materials I had created in the past, direct mail, postcards, brochures… and what my ROI was during that time (pretty good!) and how many of my clients used to want to produce these as a way of bringing in those new ideal clients.

Cards have become e-cards, postcards have become banner ads, and brochures have become look books. Some clients do still create brochures, but then send them as pdfs to prospects and may not print them anymore.

Spring promotional postcard with flowers and butterfliesWith the iTouch and iPad, those that prefer that medium can read newspapers, books and magazines, load their portfolio into a gallery, and surf the web to interact on social media, but I still love to cozy up on the couch and turn the pages of a book or magazine, and talk on the phone.

So the big question is if “social networking” is the way now and we’re being introduced to new prospects online, do they know us, get our brand, our messaging or are we just another “like?” Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias says when talking to someone online he likes to “look them in the eye digitally.” Are we all just “friending” and “liking” and not stopping to actually meet and know people for real?

Yes, community sites are a great way to meet new people, but I still feel that when you meet that new contact in person, it is truly then that the new relationship can begin. Afterward when you are back on social media, even though the other will just see your little avatar, or perhaps a quick video, they will still have a better sense of YOU.

Preparing for those in person meetings

If you are going to live event (such as Savor the Success’s Rock The World in NYC), like I am, or participating as a vendor, you are going to meet lots of new people, and you will still need promotional materials, oh yes! And please don’t slap things together to hand out at the last moment because you know where they will be headed after that event.

We all need branded, distinctive business cards and in a webinar last week through Social Buzz Club, Pam Brossman said she creates a new business card or two for others to pick up at every event she attends or gives. Pam wants to be sure they are seeing something new that they don’t have from a previous event and it usually has a call to action, a special offer on that card. Very smart marketing!

Many of the entrepreneurs I know have live events and ask us all if we’re interested in adding something to the free goody bags. If we don’t have any promotional materials printed what would we add? Products would be the only thing you’d already have.

So, let’s start the discussion about how valid print marketing still is in gaining new clients and if this topic interests you, join the webinar, April 18, 2012 when Lisa Steadman, Chief Woohoo Woman of Woohoo, Inc will join me.

April 18, “Is Print Marketing Dead?”

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