Giving Back is Good Branding Business and Softly Broadcasting Louder

buiilding a creative communityYou started your art business to speak through your work, to express yourself, explore your craft and do what you love while making money.  All of those things are honorable and important but there is one characteristic of good branding and good business that some people don’t know about, and that’s “giving.”  Giving to others without expectations of receiving.  You can give samples of your product to a charity, you can give back your time by teaching for free at a school or local community center or hospital, or online with your own teleclass.  You can bring students or interns into your workshop and mentor them for school credit and more.

Andrea and I are committed to not only philanthropy but also to giving back to others within our businesses.  My Branding You Better tutorials both written and video, are PACKED with content about WordPress, using social media sites like LinkedIn and other areas of branding and marketing that people use to build their online presence. They take time for me to write and film but they are FREE to anyone who needs them. I also have an exciting brand interview series where I interview artists, creatives and entrepreneurs on their branding identity and success.  Business owners can submit the written interview, answering questions, or it can be recorded through skype.  I don’t charge for the publicity, I am THRILLED to offer this to anyone who would like to participate. These interviews help people who come to my site looking for branding or business marketing guidance and introduce them to companies and people from every area of business. In addition because of my SEO capabilities, I can draw traffic to the business owner.  In fact, if you’d like to be one of my next interviews, reach out to me!

On my Frogs Are Green, environmental website, we blog about the fact that frogs are threatened with extinction and building awareness around the world on this issue. To connect with visitors, we run art contests for children, and photo contests, that offer people the ability to create and have it placed online in the galleries, and continue to raise awareness.  Frogs Are Green also donates a portion of our product sales to environmental organizations.

To support the arts, I have proudly donated my posters and website design and development to the Hudson Theatre Ensemble since 2004.


For Andrea’s part, from her Hot Rox and Andrea Rosenfeld art jewelry collection sales, she donates a percentage each month to a different charity, either something her friends are working towards or a charity a retailer tells her about.

Personally, she is an active volunteer and Chairperson for the Susan G. Komen Foundation in her County and her mission is to pair the local Arts Community with Komen to raise funds and awareness for both.

In her Art Coaching Company, Open Studio ~ Creative Mentoring, she hosts Visiting Creative Experts.  These special people write articles based upon their area of expertise that are geared towards guiding artists in their business.  These experts get their own Bio page with their image, contact info and their favorite charity listed.  Open Studio exposes these experts to a brand new audience they may never have had access to and her Creative Community has the benefit of learning from experts in all areas of  business; PR, Life Coaching,  WordPress Design, Art Marketing, Wholesaling, Feng Shui, Diamond Wholesale and more!  She’s constantly finding creative experts in exciting and unusual but important areas of business to write for Open Studio. She loves connecting and networking and being able to give more to her community of artists. She started a group on LinkedIn which she manages to connect Creatives and offer advice.


When you’re building the brand of your own business, find an area where you can give-solely.  Set the tone of giving freely, without expecting anything in return and not only will you FEEL amazing, but it will open your company up to new opportunities, people the sheer act of giving will uplift you.

When you give of yourself people notice, trust and respect what you’re doing. Fans turn into advocates, advocates turn into customers.


You can help us to give back, so we can reach a wider audience and help more creatives by Tweeting or Facebook (ing), or LinkedIn (ing) this statement:

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