Going Viral: How An Off Topic Led to the Greatest Reach So Far

On my other blog, the awareness organization Frogs Are Green we usually stay on topic. That means most of our posts are about, yes you guessed right, Frogs. On occasion, depending on current events we wander a bit off topic and talk about creating a wildlife friendly backyard or the Keystone XL Pipeline, among other global issues.

To get more people engaged we’re always trying new things. Every year since 2009, we have had a creative contest. It started with a frog photography contest and then in 2010 expanded to Earth Day and Kids Art Contests too. Each year they open in the late Summer, the deadline is in the Fall, and we get hundreds of entries from around the world.

Last year we started an eco-interview series and just published this wednesday the 4th interview. I am blown away by how this one post/image on Facebook is going viral and is sending hundreds to our site. In just two days, the post has been shared more than 80 times, and been seen by 10,000 and climbing. I can’t wait to see where those numbers are by tomorrow.

Our best and most read/shared posts are usually the ones that feature something or someone unique! For example our most viewed post after many years is still the 10 weirdest and most unusual frogs.

Coyote Peterson with snapping turtle

But the reason this one is taking off is because the person who is featured (Coyote Peterson), already has a large following and great visibility and it’s obvious that the people who follow him are interested in what he’s doing. It’s so exciting to gain that brand visibility from his following as well as our own and I know it will lead to more likes, blog readers and perhaps sales.

We know that content is king, but it also matters who and what that content is about, the following that person has and if they are willing to share and help build your visibility while building their own. When we have common goals and we can collaborate in a way that can bring the awareness we are reaching for, we accomplish our mission. (And with this post I’ll be helping us both along.)