Knowing Your Best Client’s Demographics

Target image from Bottom Line Business InsightsAfter reading Mike Michalowicz’s insightful book, The Pumpkin Plan for the second time, he’s really got me thinking about my clients. He asks us to make certain types of lists and in doing this we discover who’s paid us the most, who we love talking to, who respect us and so much more.

It has given me a window into my ideal client and the demographics that surround him/her.

How has this changed my thinking as I begin this new year?

I know what I want to be creating and with what type of business. I’ll know which clients and/or projects that come along are not right for me and will say “no.” It’s not very often that I say no, and I believe that is a big part of how business will be different now. If I’m only working on and with clients who are my exact target market, obviously I will be happier.

How do I go about making sure that holds true?

As new people call, I will listen and truly think… will branding this or designing that, give me joy. Do I think the client is going to trust and respect me to do right by them or will they second guess me?

Recently, I took on a project and I thought it would be a good experience, not great, but good. It turned out to be pretty bad and the client and I have parted ways. This was another lesson for me in being selective. The more selective, the more nurturing I can be the clients I love working with and the projects I am enjoying.