Speaker Instructions and Webinar Details

We all know it’s good to create systems, because when we do, we don’t have to repeat things over and over. So, here now are the guest speaker instructions and webinar details for all.

If you are interested in being a guest speaker, just email Susan for open schedule dates and what your webinar topic would be. Upcoming bookings will be Winter 2014 РJanuary through  March and Spring 2014 April through June.

All webinars are FREE to watch, however each webinar has a sponsor. If you know a company or organization that would like to sponsor your event, brilliant, bring them on and we are celebrating two companies. If you do not secure a sponsor, one will be matched with your broadcast that is appropriate. For more about this opportunity visit: Advertise.

Speaker Instructions:

  • Once we have agreed on your date and topic, your headshot is due and should be emailed asap. Your headshot appears with the other speakers for that season on the website header as well as in social media. You can also send a second photo if desired to accompany your class page.
  • Within the next 2 weeks your webinar title, short description and bio are due. Within 2-3 weeks after this your class page is built and available online for sharing.
  • Your PowerPoint presentation is due the Friday before your aired webinar date. Once received I convert it to a pdf and add a few introduction and exit slides and create a final pdf which gets uploaded to Instant Teleseminar (host) and also gets sent to you to follow.
  • A Facebook event page is created and promoted and it is also promoted on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as other social channels such as Newsle, and Social Buzz Club. It’s important that you share the promotion to help draw listeners and your followers to your broadcast.
  • Your presentation should run approximately 45 minutes, which allows for the 4-5 minute intro, and 5-10 minutes for questions that are submitted through the chat window. You DO NOT watch or go by the online webcast that others are watching, as that is in delay mode. You ONLY follow your own pdf and present naturally. The phone number to call in is 206-402-0100 and the Pin Code is: 025153#
  • As the host and moderator, I will sync your slides with your talk, check for those on the phone and in the webcast, as well as questions, and find an appropriate time to ask them.
  • Once we sign off and the webinar has ended, the embed code is collected and put within your class page, so it is now viewable to all.
  • The class web page link should be shared now.
  • If desired and you have Camtasia or another screencast software, you can start the play button on the web page and then record clips for YouTube as well.

If you have any more questions, just email Susan to discuss.

Be aware that the Yearly Creativity + Abundance pages are under Classes in the navigation showing 3.0 (2013), 2.0 (2012) and 1.0 (2011).

Get ready to turn up the volume on your brand!