Time Management is a Plague – How to Punt the Pandemonium from Your Life

Broadcast Louder’s Creativity + Abundance 4.0
***Now Replaying*** Aired: Wed., March 5, 2014 at 3 PM EST
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With Lisa Landtroop – BXLNT

On March 5th we cover how we got in this rat race of life to begin with – it really was way too easy for it to happen seemingly overnight. But with a little resolve and desire it is possible to exit the rat race and turn your free time into a chance for you to do something each week that you enjoy, that you love, or that really fires you up. Don’t know what that might be? Here are some possibilities: it could be volunteering more, visiting elderly or extended family more frequently, spending more quality time with your darling spouse and kids, going back to school, starting your own business, picking up and learning a new hobby, or dusting off an old hobby that somehow fell by the wayside. If you feel like you get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, veg out, go to bed, and do it all over again the next day – day after day after day, with the weekends reserved for household chores and duties instead of anything that you really love doing, then we’re going to talk about how you can turn the corner towards starting to enjoy activities again each week that you love!

Lisa Landtroop -BXLNT – Bio

Lisa Landtroop BXCNTLisa Landtroop is the founder of BXLNT (Be eXceLleNT), a multi-platform enterprise specializing in time awareness coaching, encouraging change leaders, & copywriting+editing. She is the creator of the powerful & life-changing course, Take Your Life Back, which helps frazzled souls everywhere remember that life is too short to do stuff you hate every hour, every day, and every week!  You can find out more at Take Your Life Back. Come on over to Lisa’s virtual home located at Lisa Landtroop or connect with Lisa on Twitter @LisaLandtroop

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