7 Ways to Cultivate the Gifts of Gratitude for Soulful Success

Broadcast Louder’s Creativity + Abundance 3.0
Webinar/Teleclass – Hosted & Sponsored by Susan Newman Design Inc.

With Leia Lewis Henderson, M.A., Soulful Speaker and Visionary Leader of Solutions to Grow

Leia Lewis Henderson presents a compelling message that is inspirational, educational and relevant for those who are overwhelmed, overworked and just facing (or inevitably soon to face) a life challenge. From Oprah to King, she reveals how the most remarkable entrepreneurs, experts, thought leaders and change agents activate the positive power of gratitude to succeed again and again. By cultivating the gifts of gratitude so you will know what you want and get it much more often!

Join Leia Lewis Henderson, Visionary Leader of Solutions to Grow, for this value rich session as she teaches the wisdom and workings of Soulful Success. You will learn to enrich your awareness and change your life with these 7 Gifts of Gratitude, starting today!

The Gift of Breath
The Gift of Show & Tell
The Gift of Looking Back
The Gift of 2 or more
The Gift of Giving
The Gift of Giving In
The Gift of DSP

Leia Lewis Henderson, M.A., is a sought after Soulful Speaker, Soulful Success Mentor, Best Selling Author and Visionary Leader of Solutions to Grow – Bio

Leia Lewis Henderson, Visionary Leader, Soulful SpeakerShe shares life-affirming messages that draw from her experiences as an entrepreneur, community builder, community garden leader and global traveler to ten countries (and counting). Leia is the Visionary Leader of Solutions to Grow, an education and consulting company where fellow visionary leaders, conscious creatives and women entrepreneurs grow naturally into their next level of Soul purpose, authentic power and prosperity.

Leia Lewis Henderson is co-author of the popularly-ranked Amazon book, 365 Days of Gratitude. Furthermore, Leia’s purposeful life work has been celebrated by YES! Magazine, TEDx and the Office of the First Lady of the United States. Visit www.LeiaLewis.com.

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