Writing a Business Plan for a Solid Foundation and Accelerated Growth

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With Jessica Oman, Write Ahead

In this course we’ll discuss an important strategic step that many entrepreneurs put off: business planning. Even though we all know that a plan will guide the growth of our companies and give us a place to store our big goals and objectives for later reference and inspiration, the plan is still the last thing most entrepreneurs work on. But a business plan can be an essential tool to help launch and grow a company – and there’s a way to create one that assures you’ll keep using it long after it’s written.

A business plan – whether it’s a storyboard, an essay-style document or a collection of post-it notes – can be a solid foundation for your new or growing business. Regularly updating and revising your plan, regardless of how long you’ve been in business, is an excellent strategy to maintain or even accelerate growth. When you revisit it routinely you will never lose sight of your goals, making them even easier to achieve. At this dynamic talk, you’ll learn some tips to make planning a productive, inspiring activity.

Topics we’ll cover:

– Why so many small businesses fail (but yours doesn’t have to)
– The 5 essential things you must know before you write your plan
– How to keep your plan from collecting dust after you write it
– Tips for getting started on your planning today

Jessica Oman – Write Ahead – Bio

Jessica OmanIf you haven’t written a business plan before, Jessica Oman and her company Write Ahead will help you. She’s a business plan writer, consultant, and trainer for entrepreneurs everywhere. Her free checklists for business launch and growth will help your company get from ‘idea’ to ‘open’ in record time – and you can grab those here.

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