The Inspired Sale: How to Close Sales Without Being Salesy!

Broadcast Louder’s Creativity + Abundance 3.0
***Now Replaying*** Aired: Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013 3-4 PM EST
Webinar/Teleclass – Hosted & Sponsored by Susan Newman Design Inc.

With Jason Hartanov, CEO of Hartanov Enterprises, LLC, Sales Expert and Growth Strategist

Nothing will transform your business and grow your income faster than mastering sales. It’s the oxygen of your business. But most entrepreneurs are suffocating their businesses because they approach sales in the wrong way. You don’t have to struggle with sales; you just need a system that allows you to sell authentically. Learn in this webinar how closing the sale can be easy and effortless as you inspire your client to say YES!

Jason Hartanov – CEO of Hartanov Enterprises, LLC, Sales Expert and Growth Strategist – Bio

Jason Hartanov - Sales Expert and Growth StrategistSales expert and growth strategist, Jason Hartanov, MBA, CPC, is a coach, mentor, and speaker who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs exponentially grow their business so they can live an inspired life. He is the CEO of Hartanov Enterprises, LLC, which was formed to equip and inspire businesses with the sales and marketing expertise needed to serve more clients, make more money, and change the world. He is a sought after speaker and expert in authentic selling, offline marketing strategies, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Before launching his company, Jason enjoyed success as a Top Executive and Sales Leader for Fortune 500 companies in the high-tech industry. He brings his experience and education in building multi-million dollar growth strategies, managing and training sales professionals, and leading marketing teams to his clients.

Jason believes passionately that sales are the life-blood of any business and every entrepreneur can master sales. He created his signature program Breakthrough Sales SystemTM to equip entrepreneurs to enroll prospects into their high-end programs with ease. When he’s not mentoring entrepreneurs, Jason can be found surfing, running, or playing with his four kids by his home in Southern California. You can learn more about Jason and his services at

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