Great Marketing is Embracing Your Creative Advantage with Rebeca Vallejo, Performance Artist

***Now Replaying*** Aired: Wed., February 6, 2013, 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST

Being a creator is not the easiest of career choices in life: On top of having to work hard on your craft and sometimes spend several years developing the paths of your artistic vision, most of us also have to take care of the “business” aspect of the music industry. Having to use a “part of your brain” your creative mind doesn’t enjoy using as much and makes most artists reluctant to happily embrace concepts like marketing or branding… but guess what? The root of success in marketing is creativity and, well, you already have an advantage that way! So, be creative and learn how to make marketing work for you!

In this webinar we will cover the following topics
• The Board of Directors: The crucial importance of Mentorship and constructive criticism
• Don’t be a lone ranger: learn how to wear all the hats in the trade and then, DELEGATE
• Surround yourself with a team you can trust (the music business is already stressful enough)
• Brand identity beyond your name: stage image, public image, logo, web presence
• Your friends can only support you so much: Expand your fan base
• The power of social media: Use vs abuse. Keep your fans engaged, not engorged
• A Marketing plan… EVERYBODY needs one
• Merchandise for the Jazz musician
• The art of giving back: community engagement, artist collectives, fund-raising events, webinars… the sky is the limit!


With my Guest Speaker, Rebeca Vallejo, Musician and Performance Artist

Rebeca Vallejo, musician and performance artistEqual parts nomad and musician, Rebeca Vallejo’s life has led her across several continents and infused her music with an awareness and understanding of a multitude of cultures.

Born into a family of singers in Madrid, Spain, Rebeca was immediately immersed in the rich musical language of flamenco, learning at the feet of her grandfather, himself a flamenco singer. Beginning her public performances at the age of four, the musical journey that started in an urban neighborhood of Madrid eventually took Ms. Vallejo to Great Britain, where she developed a deep passion for Jazz.

Arriving in New York in 2000, Rebeca began collaborating and performing with the most sought after musicians of the Latin-Jazz scene. Through this exposure, she uncovered the emotional beauty and rhythmic complexity of Brazilian music. It was there that she discovered the third corner of a musical triangle that would shape her musical foundation. In addition to being an acclaimed performer, Rebeca Vallejo is the creator and bandleader of the musical projects EuroLatinJazz and EuroLatinFunk, an accomplished composer/Jazz arranger, and for two years she was main vocalist of the Flamenco Dance Company “Dia Flamenco”. Rebeca Vallejo is currently the director of SMINYC, a collective of musicians from Spain residing in NYC, sponsored by the Spanish Cultural institution Centro Español. The mission statement of SMINYC is to support and promote musicians from Spain in NYC by producing monthly events where projects of all musical genres are showcased.

Her two albums have taken her on tour to stages in the US, Brazil, Cuba, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Spain and granted her an scholarship to the prestigious flamenco institution Cristina Heeren in Seville, Spain in 2009. Among her musical accomplishments are the participation at JamNoMan at the Contemporary Art Museum in Salvador, BRAZIL, leading an all-star band for a Jazz Aspen Gala with musicians from Chucho Valdes’s band in Havana, Cuba; in WASHINGTON DC she was showcased as backing vocals to Gospel Grammy award winners Yolanda Adams and Dorinda Clark for the “Unveiling of Sojourner Truth’s bust at the United Stated Capitol”; Rebeca also toured extensively through Belgium with “EuroLatinJazz’s Summer 2008 Tour.”

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