Goal Setting: Why it Doesn’t Work and What to do About It

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***Now Replaying*** Aired: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 3-4 PM EST

This one hour seminar, presented by Donna Leyens, Certified Professional Success Coach, is the perfect presentation for your business, association, or any group that would benefit from learning how to set goals and develop the kind of action plan that gets results.

We all know that goal setting is an important step towards getting what we want. We’ve learned about business planning, “SMART Goals” and accountability. But the truth is, despite these tools, most people do not achieve their goals. They get thrown off track at some point, and never get back on. They make a New Year’s resolution in January and give up on it by February.

The reason why most people fail to achieve their goals is because traditional goal setting is missing one crucial piece. In this fun, interactive, informative seminar, Donna Leyens will tell you what that crucial factor is, and how to apply it to achieve your goals.


With guest speaker, Donna Leyens, co-founder and President of Provendus Group

Donna LeyensDonna Leyens is the co-founder and President of Provendus Group. Provendus Group is a team of business strategists who use cutting edge business techniques to help entrepreneurial companies that have stopped growing, to break through the plateau and start expanding again.

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