Environmentalism Through Film. Get Connected with Your Audience with Taylor Farrow

With Taylor Farrow, Filmmaker and co-Founder of One Entertainment Productions

***Now Replaying*** Aired: Wed., April 17, 2013, 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST

It isn’t always easy being green… or is it? How do you become sustainable at home or at work? The answers are out there and Taylor Farrow wants to show them to you using film.

Why with film?

Film allows us to show experiences in a different way than just using words. It takes the audience to places they may have never been and shares emotions they can take with them.

Taylor will be talking about the importance of businesses being green and networking through his experience making the upcoming film “A Place to Hang.” Why it’s important to have a professional imagination that is marketable. Using your skill set to accomplish your goals and the number one thing when it comes to promoting your vision.

Download the pdf of slides – Environmentalism Through Film by Taylor Farrow


With my Guest Speaker, Taylor Farrow, Filmmaker and co-Founder of One Entertainment Productions

Taylor farrow - One EntertainmentTaylor is an environmental filmmaker and co-owner of One Entertainment Productions in Atlanta, GA. He is currently working on a film on bat conservation in Georgia called “A Place to Hang” and is planning on entering it into a film festival later this year. Taylor wants to help bridge the gap between people and organizations that care about the environment using film to connect them with the audience. While producing an independent film and starting One Entertainment Productions, he’s learned important lessons about networking and marketing a business and a personal image. He also knows the importance and benefits of sustainable business and believes that values learned in the work place can become habits at home and part of everyday life. His experience with animal habitats on land and in water, both wild and captive has given him an understanding of how different environments work. Along with studies in biology and environmental studies, Georgia Aquarium conservation courses Taylor has learned how to bring animals and wildlife to the screen and also educate people in person. His main belief is that every single person can make a difference, and we are all one planet.

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