Ditch the Pitch and Embrace your Grace: 4 Messaging Keys to find Prospects with Ease!

***Now Replaying*** Aired: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 3-4 PM EST

Are you great at what you do but not so great at selling or marketing?
Are you networking like crazy but not seeing new business or referrals from it?
Do you find yourself tongue-tied when telling people what  you do?

In this interactive session, you will learn:

  • The Secret Power behind messaging that draws prospects to you
  • The Winning Message Formula that makes you more Memorable
  • The Simple Strategy to Save the World – one group at a time
  • The One Technique you can use right now to gain more leads

You’ll leave this training with new messages to use in different situations. Using your new skills, you’ll feel more confident and find more prospects!

Christine CliftonWith Guest Speaker: Christine Clifton

Christine Clifton is the founder of Client Centric Growth and helps mindful entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She teaches them how to promote themselves and their businesses in ways that feel good and are in integrity with who they are and how they want to bring their work to the world. When working with her, they realize their full value, express themselves confidently, become well-paid for what they do, and gain lots of happy clients!

Learn more about Christine: http://ClientCentricGrowth.com/

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