Be Your Own Guru: Five Keys To Building a Noble Empire and Living an Inspired Life

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Be Your Own Guru: Five Keys To Building a Noble Empire and Living an Inspired Life

With the preponderance of advice and the prevalence of so-called “experts” in the business arena, it’s easy to lose yourself in a sea of “useful” information. But when is it all just too much? What if the answers you really need are already inside you?

They are.

Author, musician and entrepreneur, Lisa Robbin Young shares the Five Key Areas of Success and how you can get more out of what you already know when you decide to be your own guru and trust your inner guidance to attain lasting and real success.


With guest speaker, Lisa Robbin Young

Lisa Robbin YoungLisa Robbin Young is a “Soul Proprietor” that believes in the power that each one of us has to create lasting, positive change in the world. She’s also an edu-tainer and storyteller that uses writing, music, video, and live performance to show you that the world needs you. Right now. Not some watered down, bastardized version of who you are, but the authentic, original, one-of-a-kind you, that may make some people bristle, and will thrill your right audience to pieces.

A classically trained contralto and saxophonist, Lisa began life with a dream of becoming a rock star. Then, when life happened, she was lulled into living out her “Plan B” in the quiet suburbs of Michigan. Now, Lisa is on a mission to record 300 songs in 2013. As an entrepreneur, she’s worked with hundreds of “Soul Proprietors” – including several best-selling authors – to help them build their platform, increase their reach, and multiply their revenues. Her book, The Secret Watch is a success parable written specifically for entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Lisa and her work at her website (, on facebook ( or her favorite online hangout, twitter (

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