The Art of Genius Branding: The Five Keys to Building Your Genius Brand with Laura Garnett

With Laura Garnett, Business Matchmaker, Zone of Genius

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You are not a cookie-cutter businessperson. And you’re not running a cookie-cutter business. You know that your Personal Brand needs to be a reflection of your true Talents and Passion – Your Zone of Genius. But how do you figure out what that is?

Researching, creating and articulating your Brand can be a complex and multifaceted task — which is why so many people struggle with it and give up. But Personal Branding Expert Laura Garnett has the keys to unlock this challenge.

Key #1: Why It’s So Hard To Just “Be Yourself”
Key #2: Does “Odd” Equal “Wonderful”?
Key #3: Discovering Your Mission & Purpose
Key #4: Your Ideal Client Is Waiting Just For You
Key #5: Get Support, Not Advice

If you want to stand out from your competition and attract more clients then you will want to understand the secrets of this hot topic.  


With my Guest Speaker, Laura Garnett, Business Matchmaker, Zone of Genius

Laura Garnett, business matchmakerLaura is a Talent Strategist. Her Zone of Genius is being able to see the underlying patterns within people that is indicative of their Zone of Genius. She then connects them to their personal brand and career marketing strategies that are right for them. Her mission is to help everyone know their Zone of Genius and use that as a driving force for their career decisions. When you have clarity, focus and passion, anything is possible. Laura brings years of experience as a high-level corporate executive for companies such as Google, American Express and Capital One as well as her own personal time “in the trenches” as a solo entrepreneur who’s created her own dream job.

Check out Laura’s recent article, “How to Find Your Genius Zone.”


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