3 Keys to Achieving Your Unique Definition of Success for More Prosperity, Joy and Ease with Debra Woog

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Are you a smart, sensitive professional who delivers services based on your knowledge and know-how — a leader, expert, educator, consultant, or other creative professional? When was the last time you didn’t feel overwhelmed or depleted? Can you recall a recent time when you were not multi-tasking? How often do you wish you could clone yourself?

Too often professionals who choose to build a career or business around their unique set of passions and talents feel like they’re drowning. You have a mere 168 hours to live each week. You always have more to do than available time. So you spend your precious energy doing, doing, and doing even more, trying to be a responsible parent, friend and community member, while succeeding at work.

Despite all this doing you feel powerless to stop the crushing deluge of obligations and responsibilities. You often feel drained, frustrated, loathe to admit you can’t do it all, and resentful for feeling like you have to.

If this description resonates with you, you are not alone. Many talented women are underperforming as a result of their valiant attempts to outperform. Debra gives you The 3 Keys you must have to change all this. With her proven formula, you can prosper with joy and ease.



With my Guest Speaker, Debra Woog, President of Connect2 Corporation.

Debra Woog, president of Connect2 CorporationDebra A. Woog (pronounced like “Vogue” magazine), President of connect2 Corporation, coaches Brilliance-Based Businesswomen™ (smart, sensitive professionals who deliver services based on their knowledge and know-how — leaders, experts, educators, consultants, and other creative professionals) to achieve their unique definitions of success with prosperity-enhancing communications, technology, operations and personal best practices.

With twenty-plus years of experience in corporate and academic settings, she knows first-hand how challenging it can be to lead a fulfilling career and also be a healthy, present family member and friend. From Debra’s personal commitment to making a positive impact on others by living her purpose and passions in accordance with her priorities, she created the Brilliance-Based Businesswoman’s Success System™ for experts, educators, consultants, healing professionals and creative professionals. Hundreds of clients are delighted by the meaningful and prosperous lives, careers and businesses she has guided them to achieve.

Debra founded her coaching and consulting practice in 1999, after more than a decade of researching and leading successful organizations. As Director of People Strategy for Cambridge Incubator, Debra advised nine technology start-ups. The Boston Globe profiled Debra for her outstanding abilities to select talented candidates, grow and motivate employees, and resolve conflicts between people as well as between organizations.

As a researcher at Harvard Business School, Debra published four cases depicting career development theory in action and contributed to the award-winning book Breaking Through: The Making of Minority Executives in Corporate America (HBS Press, 1999). She has authored six articles for Inc.

Debra earned her B.A. in Psychology and American Studies from Wellesley College in 1989 and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1997. MIT Sloan awarded her the prestigious Miriam Sherburne Scholarship for leadership and community service. She is trained as a mediator and an ombudsperson.

An enthusiastic vegetable roaster, beach-goer and bike-rider, she relishes time with her son and daughter when they’re not at elementary school.

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