Is Print Marketing Dead? Print vs Web – Has the Web and Social Media Changed How We Attract Clients and Do Business

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Lisa Steadman talks about print vs web for attracting clients for broadcast louderWhat was the last print marketing piece you printed?
I’ll bet it was your business card.
When was the last time you felt you needed a direct mail campaign, placed an ad in a newspaper or magazine and do you still use a press kit folder?

With the internet, community websites, social media and meetings through Skype and other platforms, we are meeting and connecting with new people each and everyday. We spend more time online then we ever did on direct mail marketing or advertising and it’s so much more targeted and direct, or is it?

  • Have the web and social media changed the way we attract clients and do business?
  • How “friending” and “sharing” can generate opportunities if done right
  • Has social media and the web replaced targeting advertising with PPC?
  • Are you prepared for Live events
  • If an entrepreneur needed a giveaway for an event would you have something to contribute?
  • How important is that Facebook cover image to your branding?
  • The Right way to do email marketing

Join the discussion: When do we still need print marketing to attract new business and learn how these items can be repurposed for the web as well.

You will NOT find these classes anywhere else.

I guarantee you will learn so much and once implemented into your OWN business, will make a tremendous difference in your growth, reach and sales!


With my special Guest, Lisa Steadman, Chief WooHoo Woman, WooHoo, Inc., Bestselling Author, Radio Host, and Rock Star Results Coach

Lisa Steadman - Chief Woohoo Woman Lisa Steadman is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, sought after speaker, results coach, and CEO of Woohoo, Inc. As Chief Woohoo Woman, Lisa loves collaborating with entrepreneurs, experts, authors, fellow Woohoo Women, and even Fortune 500 companies to build buzz-worthy brands, create compelling online communities and fan bases, and leverage one’s leadership into a purposeful, passionate, and prosperous platform.
Having worked with corporate giants like Mattel, Disney, and Clairol for over a decade before striking out on her own, Lisa went on to build her own successful brand through her books, products and services, website, and social media, Lisa is a masterful mentor when it comes to Awakening your Woohoo Within™, communicating your big ideas brilliantly, leveraging your leadership, and building a loyal following.

Lisa is a frequent media contributor, having appeared on The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, iVillage Live, The Fran Drescher Show, Playboy Radio, and New Zealand’s Good Morning. She has also contributed content to a variety of websites including Yahoo! Shine,,, the Huffington Post, and

Born in Montana, Lisa had an unconventional childhood, living in Australia, Saudi Arabia, and New Jersey before coming to Los Angeles in 1990 to attend USC’s Film School as one of 24 students in the undergraduate film writing program. Lisa resides in Southern California with her husband, Luis, whom she married in September 2008. Together, they enjoy travel, cooking, philanthropy, and adventure.

Whether you’re meant to write a book, get on television, become a powerful speaker, create a million dollar brand, or simply share your brilliance with the world, Lisa looks forward to working with you and co-creating YOUR Woohoo! Approved business.

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