From Brand to Book – Turn Your Expertise Into a Book That Sells – and Sells Your Business – Webinar

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Catch the Replay!From Brand to Book – Turn Your Expertise Into a Book That Sells – and Sells Your Business – Webinar

Having a book with your name on it is one of the most powerful ways of building your business and boosting your income. Being a published author can help establish your credibility, get you booked as a speaker, and attract high-paying clients.

If you’re a coach, consultant, service provider or business leader and want learn how to create a client-attracting book, Diane O’Connell of Write to Sell Your Book, LLC will show you how to:

  • define your unique brand, and make it a “hook” for your book
  • identify and write for your ideal client
  • choose the publishing method (traditional, eBooks, self-publishing) that will help grow your business
  • learn the secret ingredient that will convert readers into clients

You’ll also learn the secret to writing a book effortlessly!
From Brand to Book - webinar with Diane O'Connell

You will NOT find these classes anywhere else.

I guarantee you will learn so much and once implemented into your OWN business, will make a tremendous difference in your growth, reach and sales!


With my special Guest Speaker, Diane O’Connell, CEO and Editorial Director of Write To Sell Your Book, LLC.

Dinae O'Connell - Write to Sell Your BookDiane O’Connell is CEO and Editorial Director of Write to Sell Your Book, LLC. A former Random House editor and award winning writer of over 200 magazine articles and author of five books, Diane has helped dozens of first-time writers become published authors. She specializes in working with business entrepreneurs and service professionals, helping them take their business to the next level by writing a client-attracting book. Diane’s clients have garnered six-figure advances from major publishers, and been featured in major media markets, such as 20/20, Oprah, Psychology Today and the New York Times.

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