Costing Challenges for Creatives and Entrepreneurs: Why It’s More Than Math – Class Three

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Costing Challenges for Creatives and Entrepreneurs: Why It’s More Than Math – Class Three

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Costing Challenges for Creatives and Entrepreneurs — Why It’s More Than Math

Go into ETSY, check out prices at a local show. If you’re working in handmade product, the different prices for similarly made works are mind boggling. How can two different works be priced so differently? Just like when you try on a size 6 pant from one manufacturer, it fits you differently than the same size from a different brand. Why is that and how can you price YOUR work in such a way where you honor your craft and experience but also work with the marketplace.

Julie SteelmanWith special guest
Julie Steelman, Selling Mentor,
Effortless Affluence

Julie Steelman’s credits read like a Who’s Who of big-name corporate giants with Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, CBS, Sony Studios and Universal Pictures in her rolodex.  She has generated over $100+ million in sales during her 30 year sales career. Julie is known as The Entrepreneur’s Selling Mentor.

Her heart-centered selling strategies make her the go-to guru for entrepreneurial business owners who want to master the art of selling and maximize their bankability. While selling with sincerity may not be the norm in Corporate America, it’s standard practice for this maverick.

Julie is the author of The Effortless Yes so read her amazing book,
and check out Julie’s newly launched program The Effortless Selling System.
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