Time Management is Doable but Different for Everyone – Class Six

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Time Management is Doable but Different for Everyone – Class Six

Time Management is Doable but Different for Everyone

Just like we each create different art we also have different ways of getting through our work weeks. For the Creative, sticking to a schedule can be tougher than an accountant because we aren’t the “rigid” type of being (thank goodness). However, we have a business and we need to focus and stay on track to move forward and make money. So let’s see, you have a full or part-time job, a family and or pets, and now a business that needs social media, marketing, designing, sales and maintenance amongst other things.  WOW, that’s overwhelming and then while working online, you get “sucked” into the void that is the world-wide-web until you find yourself waking from your Farmville stupor. It’s time for time management and it’s important that you not only follow some basic rules but make sure that the technique you settle on works for your own personality and honors yourself.

Payson CooperWith special guest
Payson Cooper, Transformational Jewelry & Easy Marketing Secrets
Payson’s company has been in business for several years, since about 2005, but started out quite different than it is now. When she launched her first online business, PaysonJewelry.com, she was focusing on learning how to build an online jewelry company. That process evolved into a second, much more targeted jewelry site, called TransformationalJewelry.com where a collection that was inspired by her belief in Law of Attraction and personal growth is showcased. While she was working to build both sites, she learned a TON about online marketing, off-line marketing and just business building in general. And, it was through an effort to continue to build those businesses that she stumbled upon an even bigger passion than jewelry making (Payson loves making jewelry, but that has almost nothing to do with building a jewelry business…). That passion is helping female, service based entrepreneurs leverage their businesses and market better, so they can serve more people, make more money and really live their passion.
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