Go Beyond the Logo: Understanding Exactly What Branding Is – Class One

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Go Beyond the Logo: Understanding Exactly What Branding Is – Class One

Go BEYOND the Logo –
Understanding Exactly What “Branding” Is

Your brand is more than a color palette, logo or tag line. Your brand in both visual and verbiage, communicates what you and your company stand for (mission) and your product benefits. Branding encompasses all areas of business and we will show you how to get your brand message to flow seamlessly from paper promotions through website interactions.

Todd RadomWith special guest
Todd Radom, Branding Expert, Todd Radom Design
Todd has been lovingly crafting logos, letterforms and graphic illustrations since the mid-1980s. He has been a full-time sole proprietor since 1990, which represents an eternity in the world of graphic design. The type of work that he specializes in has naturally shifted over the years, but the vast majority of the work he does today revolves around branding for professional sports. He has designed logos for everything from the Super Bowl to the World Series, & has created visual identities for individual franchises, and has worked with business partners of the various leagues in creating graphics for all sorts of licensed products.
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