Blogs, Websites, CMS & Types of E-commerce: Which Is Right for Your Biz? – Class Four

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Blogs, Websites, CMS & Types of E-commerce: Which Is Right for Your Biz? – Class Four


Blogs, Websites, CMS & Types of E-commerce, Oh My! Which is Right for Your Biz

There are different ways to show your craft and get your product on the web. Determining HOW you want to sell and show your art is the first decision you have to make. There are so many different platforms to use and we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the best and the most widely used.

Next step: Do It Yourself or hire a professional? Budgeting for your online
presence & understanding what the costs are for. Using SEO (search engine optimization) correctly across the web and beyond.

Gina NievesWith special guest
Gina Nieves, Founder, MarkNet Group
Gina Nieves is an expert at getting increased sales through websites. Since founding MarkNet, she has overseen the design of 500 websites and $30 million in sales. She increases clients’ sales by focusing on design that gets results, search engine marketing, Social Media Press Releases and crafting high converting sales pages. A WordPress expert, her company has built large scale WordPress sites that have been featured worldwide.

Gina is a sought after speaker for conferences, workshops, webinars and with WordCamp.   Her most recent presentation “$20, 5 Minutes, First Page of Google” at Transform Your Business! in LA received rave reviews.

Gina is known for her integrity and treating client’s businesses as her own.  A recent client said: “Gina gets people through difficult, technological situations and creates positive outcomes in a way that makes you feel safe.”
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