Facebook and Social Media, SEO/Sharing Tips

I was talking with a client this week, giving her tips on how she can effectively share her posts and pages on Facebook and other social media platforms, and realized this should be a short tutorial post with a few screenshots.

The most important tip is to remember that each time you publish a new page or post, it is adding fresh content to your website. It has its own relevant keywords, url address, and should have the SEO area filled in. (With WordPress websites, install the All in One SEO Pack, or another plugin. Once installed and enabled each page and post will now have a space under your content window to be filled in.) When you write a short summary in that section and you or someone else shares your latest blog post, it’s that description that will load. If you don’t fill this in and someone shares, it will load the first sentence of your post, which may not entice someone to read it. This plugin also gives you the ability to expand the title of your page or post. For example: Maybe the actual page is called “About.” You definitely don’t want this to be the SEO full title “tag” of that page! How will anyone find your profile or company team without adding the proper information. So, add a more descriptive title in the space provided.

SEO and wordpress tipsSEO titles, description and keywords in wordpress

Remember to share and point people to that individual url address, so you are able to track the traffic to that post through Google Analytics.

When you start to share your post on Facebook, if you just load the link after you write the copy, Facebook will automatically draw a few images from that link that it can find, none of which may be right for your post. I suggest posting in Facebook in this order: Write the copy, upload the image you want to accompany it, and then lastly, add the link. The link will not try to draw images because you have already uploaded one. Another advantage to uploading a specific image, is you can then (once posted) click on the image and tag someone. Posting with a link, will not give this advantage, but you can tag them by name in the post itself.

When you want to include a video in your post, you should add the link address so the video does load, and can easily be played.

sharing a post with image on facebook

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How Important Are Reviews and Comments to Your Brand Visibility

Recently I heard that when someone is searching on Google or Amazon and the results pop up, the user will be drawn to the top, of course, but they will also be looking for something extra that stands out. A listing that shows multiple reviews will be what attracts a click.

So let’s talk about reviews, where they are key, and how they lead to you gaining an edge in your brand visibility.

Below you’ll see a screenshot of my company’s listing on Google which shows reviews, and that listing is coming from my Google+ company profile. When someone leaves a review it helps you and their visibility as well.

susan newman design reviews on googleBe sure that your company is the answer to your industry when someone is searching. If you search “brand visibility designer” you should see me. That’s even more important.

Your company should also be listed on Yahoo and other review based sites, because they will also come up in a search query and display the reviews your company has as well.

Amazon.com does a great job using reviews as an important feature to help sales. I read a series of reviews on a product I was considering purchasing and after being convinced by the high ratings, I did buy it. About 2 weeks later I received an email from Amazon asking me if I would write a review about the product to help guide others and I did. Then they emailed me that someone said my review helped them buy it also.

Reviews vs Commenting on the Web

Many blogs now feature a Facebook commenting plugin (pictured below) as an additional way to gain recommendations through sharing. The question is how important is this for your business and will that sharing on Facebook lead to more clients?

Broadcast Louder Reviews and CommentsCommenting around the web is very important. Don’t just read and leave, add to the discussion. Social media has made it so easy to share articles and posts, but if you want to gain more visibility you must leave a comment that can be seen globally, not just sharing to your Facebook friends.

Your Facebook friends may not be the right audience if you care to share something, however your Twitter or LinkedIn followers may. Think Globally! The rest of the world that is following that blogger or news organization are the ones who will be interested in your comment.

LinkedIn uses the Question and Answer section as a way to showcase the members with knowledge and rewards them with greater visibility. LinkedIn groups are also a great way to be very visible to many at once because the other commenters will be following a discussion stream.

If 2013 is the year you are ready to showcase what you are about, then begin to widen your online footprint.

Are You Asking the Right Questions? Try LinkedIn for the Answers

Business Tip #1 – If you’ve created a product or service and visitors/potential clients aren’t quite sure what you are saying or selling, it’s time to ask the right questions and find out the answers, so you can tweak your website, posts on social media or email marketing and make it right. (Side note: it might be a great idea to do this before you begin to brand, design, build and market… the newest and easiest way of doing market research.)

Recently, I decided to post a few questions of my own within the Questions/Answer section ofasking questions on linkedin, getting answers LinkedIn and the answers are flying in faster than I can read them. (You can at any time close the question, if you’ve gotten enough feedback.)

So, I posted this question: How many webinars do watch per week and what are their topics?

Below are some of the answers that have come in. I’m so happy to know that the overall public finds webinars helpful, watches on average 1-2 a week. What I did find very useful was that the topic of the webinar class was the most important factor, not necessarily who the speaker was! Also, was knowing that they have a hard time committing to any timeframe and would rather watch them when they can. Some can’t watch during the work day, some not at night, some because they are in a time zone that would mean waking at 3am.

David says, “I watch quite a few a week, typically from channels I am already following. For me, most are informational technology related ones to assist in constant training.

There a lot out there, the thing to ask is how does it help you?…”

Daniel says, “I would say less than one per week. Sometimes I go weeks without seeing a webinar. Unfortunately often they are poorly done and I’d prefer to just get the powerpoint slides and go through the webinar on my own time. If all the speaker is doing is reading the slides to me than I see no reason to go live…”

Judy says, “I would watch on average two webinars per week on topics relating to our business, but I am appreciative when there is a replay as often it means getting up at 3.00am due to time zones. Generally there is a sales pitch at the end but if I’m not interested in the product I won’t stay for that. I watch webinars to upskill myself and have learnt a lot from attending them.

I think it is about continuing to build your list, find out the topics that would interest them and build the webinars around that. I do listen to some people regularly, but if the topic holds no interest for me I won’t attend...”

So, as you can see many have taken the time to answer my question and there were many, many more.

If we don’t know the answers, how can we go forward and provide what people are seeking? As many of you know I look at my Google Analytics regularly and it does tell me a lot, but there’s nothing better than just asking and getting it right from the source!

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Moving a WordPress Blog from One Hosted Space to Another Without Stress

One of my blogs is called i-tees where I share gallery openings, other events and adventures through photography, video and posts. I realized that this single domain was being hosted all by itself, and a smarter and more cost effective way would be to move the domain and the WordPress blog into one of my deluxe hosting accounts that supports multiple domains. I wanted to do this very carefully because I didn’t want to lose 115 posts and 38 galleries.

i-tees header design by sndiI downloaded the site through an FTP connection (Dreamweaver), so I’d have all pages,  images, etc. I also exported an xml file to my desktop which would have all the content (posts and pages), and I also backed the site up and downloaded the database (sql).

Well, this all seems great except it all somehow didn’t work absolutely perfectly, even with my hosting company helping me. So, I wanted to tell what I did, to get my blog back up, stress-free.

I created a new database and I installed WordPress again but in a “wordpress” folder. I did my basic edits to the settings, added a new and improved header and customized the CSS to my color palette. I started adding all my favorite plugins and some new ones and my plan is to build it even better than it was before.

I imported that xml file and poof, all my posts and pages were back, but my image galleries were missing. I reinstalled my gallery plugin, and re-uploaded all the image folders. Then I had to edit each of the gallery pages so it was calling the right gallery #. I worked in the pages and then created the new menu section and shuffled the pages where I wanted them.

All that’s left was adding back a few images that were in posts, and it was ready to go live again. I will say I’m not thrilled that I had to do these things, but one added bonus is being able to have the latest version of WordPress and be able to upgrade what I had previously, so it is better than ever!

Now it’s time to write more, add video and build more sections.