Going Viral: How An Off Topic Led to the Greatest Reach So Far

On my other blog, the awareness organization Frogs Are Green we usually stay on topic. That means most of our posts are about, yes you guessed right, Frogs. On occasion, depending on current events we wander a bit off topic and talk about creating a wildlife friendly backyard or the Keystone XL Pipeline, among other global issues.

To get more people engaged we’re always trying new things. Every year since 2009, we have had a creative contest. It started with a frog photography contest and then in 2010 expanded to Earth Day and Kids Art Contests too. Each year they open in the late Summer, the deadline is in the Fall, and we get hundreds of entries from around the world.

Last year we started an eco-interview series and just published this wednesday the 4th interview. I am blown away by how this one post/image on Facebook is going viral and is sending hundreds to our site. In just two days, the post has been shared more than 80 times, and been seen by 10,000 and climbing. I can’t wait to see where those numbers are by tomorrow.

Our best and most read/shared posts are usually the ones that feature something or someone unique! For example our most viewed post after many years is still the 10 weirdest and most unusual frogs.

Coyote Peterson with snapping turtle

But the reason this one is taking off is because the person who is featured (Coyote Peterson), already has a large following and great visibility and it’s obvious that the people who follow him are interested in what he’s doing. It’s so exciting to gain that brand visibility from his following as well as our own and I know it will lead to more likes, blog readers and perhaps sales.

We know that content is king, but it also matters who and what that content is about, the following that person has and if they are willing to share and help build your visibility while building their own. When we have common goals and we can collaborate in a way that can bring the awareness we are reaching for, we accomplish our mission. (And with this post I’ll be helping us both along.)

Broadcast Louder LIVE at NAWBO Pittsburgh – Think Ginormous!

Susan Newman, host of Broadcast Louder will be teaching a workshop, Brand Visibility and Consistency” on NAWBO Day, March 22, in Pittsburgh. The speakers and attendees are coming in from around the globe for this full day focused on Branding.

6th Annual NAWBO Day
“Think GINORMOUS – Let's Get it Started”
Featuring Topics on Big Business Branding
For Small Business

Friday, March 22, 2013 | 8 AM to 3:30 PM
@ DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
500 Mansfield Ave  Pittsburgh, PA 15205


"Let's Get it Started"

The goal of NAWBO Day is to help all business owners advocate for their business by demonstrating how to market it for little or no cost.

Rúna Magnúsdóttir
(Keynote scheduled for 12 Noon)

International Leader and Publisher of BRANDit Online Magazine
and Founder International Networking Site: Connected-Women.com

  • Winner of 2013 – Discover Your X-Factor Transformational Leadership Training Program for Women Nominated into the European Association of Soroptimist as the Leadership Program
  • 2013- 2011 – EUWIIN Award (The European Union Women Innovators & Inventors Network) for BRANDit, the Personal Branding Program for the established business owner.
  • 2010 Forbes.com TOP 20 business women to follow on Twitter
  • Meet Runa Here


TV & Radio Branding Panel Guests
Learn How Radio and TV,
Both Traditional and Internet
Will Grow Your Brand!
(Panel scheduled for 1:45 PM)

Donna M. Baxter, Soul Pitt Media, Web/Mag/TV/Radio
Ruth Byrd Smith, "Taking Care of Business Radio"
Joanne Quinn-Smith, PositivelyPittsburghLive Radio TV & Mag

Ola Jackson, Onyx Woman Magazine and TV


8:00 A.M. — 9:00 A.M. Power Networking Registration and Trade show–Find out how to set "On the spot" appointments right from NAWBO Day using our Think Ginormous Networking Game.  Make your business cards work for you.

9:00 A.M. Morning Keynote Speaker Power of Linking Your Business to a Big Brand –Debbie Hickman, Independent Giant Eagle Owner

9:45 A.M.  Drawing to be one of Five PositivelyPittsburghLive™ TV interviews, must be present.  Interviews scheduled throughout the day.

10:00 A.M. Workshop:  Keeping Your Brand Consistent From Business Cards to Website, Susan Newman, Founder Broadcast Louder Webinars

11:30 A.M. Think Ginormous Trade Show (over 30 vendors of organizations that can help you brand yourself!)

12:00 P.M. Luncheon Keynote Speaker–Branding Yourself Internationally.  Founder Connected-Women.com, Rúna Magnúsdóttir, founder Brand-It™

1:00 P.M. Using Awards to Brand Yourself, Owner Blue Ribbon Profiles with over 200 winning profiles to her credit, JoAnn R Forrester

1:45 P.M. Panel, Using Internet and Traditional Radio and TV to Increase Your Brand Presence

2:30 P.M. Think Ginormous Trade Show & Door Prize Give Away, Final Networking and Appointment Setting for Think Ginormous Networking Game

2:45 P.M. List of Great Giveaways to Be Announced


Featured Workshop
"Keeping Your Brand Consistent
From Business Cards to Website"

(Workshop scheduled for 10 AM)

Presented by:  Susan Newman

Founder of Broadcast Louder™ Workshops
How To Turn Up the Volume on Your Brand

Since 1994, Susan Newman Design, Inc. has built a reputation for developing creative, quality, successful brand identity design and web solutions throughout the United States and abroad. She designs for individuals, large corporations and business start-ups. Launched in October 2011, Broadcast Louder. Online teleclasses to learn what you need… to build your brand and business in the right direction. Learn to find your targeted ideal clients, create more visibility and sales opportunities.

Friday, March 22, 2013 | 8 AM to 3:30 PM
@ DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
500 Mansfield Ave  Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Join us March 22nd!

Branding is the relationship you build with your customers.
You are the Brand and in Your Business It's All About Branding!

As we move into a new era of Bolder, More Prosperous Businesses, "Thinking Ginormous" Means Your Brand Has Got to Be
We have engaged both local and national speakers to inspire you
and show you the best branding ideas.

Individual Tickets are $65
You + Bring a Friend Rate Discount  $110


Continental Breakfast and Buffet Lunch Included!


To Purchase Trade Tables
Contact Mary Pam Kilgore at

or click here

Sponsorships are also Available!
Please call Mary Pam Kilgore 412.854.4827 for details







  The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide by: Strengthening the wealth creating capacity of our members and promoting economic development within the entrepreneurial community. Creating innovative and effective change in the business culture. Building strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations. Transforming public policy and influencing opinion makers.

How Do We Achieve Brand Visibility?

Brand visibility is so important to every business. Today if you are not visible on the web, you do not exist.
what is brand visibility - 10-video series by susan newman

A brand is defined by its core beliefs, but also by what the public perceives about it. A brand along with its marketing strategy, products and services has a mission and the need to get that mission across to others. A brand is also driven by it’s own employees from the top down and they must represent those same core beliefs, while on the job or at events.

No matter which brand we talk about we would want to see if their online and offline presence is sending the same signs and if our experience is the same no matter the place or format?

So for example if we were to look at a top brand such as Apple. What do we perceive about them, their products and services, and is it consistent everywhere? Is the experience of using an apple product in line with scanning pages on their website, or when you visit a store? If you met an employee at a function would their mindset be in line with the company? Is the visual footprint the same across the web, on social media, in print advertising or marketing, and commercials past and present on TV?

When we talk about brand visibility we must realize it means all encompassing.

So as a small business owner and entrepreneur, I feel I must act, speak, dress, and fully represent my brand. Is what I blog about in line with my brand? When someone meets me in person when they previously only knew me by my avatar and online posts, am I the way they imagined?

Interaction with clients must be true to the brand as well. Customers can drive how other customers feel. Today with constant social interaction, if a customer writes about their experience on social media or in reviews and others read it, it’s immediate visibility, whether good or bad. A brand must pay attention to this and respond.

Because of the web, many small businesses get confused between being visible globally and locally. Yes having a website and social media presence helps others find you, but can the local community find you?

My new 10-video series on “Brand Visibility” covers in depth the attributes and actions that make a brand strong, and outlines strategies for you to implement across the web, on social media and in person at events.

Series topics include:

What is Brand Visibility? How to Use Email Marketing, Opt-in Offers and Social Media Correctly. The Google Search: Understanding and Creating Long-Tail Keywords and SEO in Action. Why Giving Back Looks So Good on You and Propels You Forward.  How Finding Your Exact Target Audience is the Key, even when it’s hard. Are YOU as Brand Ambassador and Your Company in Sync? And much more.
Video #1

Watch the entire 10-video series on Brand Visibility, more than 73 minutes of content!

How Important Are Reviews and Comments to Your Brand Visibility

Recently I heard that when someone is searching on Google or Amazon and the results pop up, the user will be drawn to the top, of course, but they will also be looking for something extra that stands out. A listing that shows multiple reviews will be what attracts a click.

So let’s talk about reviews, where they are key, and how they lead to you gaining an edge in your brand visibility.

Below you’ll see a screenshot of my company’s listing on Google which shows reviews, and that listing is coming from my Google+ company profile. When someone leaves a review it helps you and their visibility as well.

susan newman design reviews on googleBe sure that your company is the answer to your industry when someone is searching. If you search “brand visibility designer” you should see me. That’s even more important.

Your company should also be listed on Yahoo and other review based sites, because they will also come up in a search query and display the reviews your company has as well.

Amazon.com does a great job using reviews as an important feature to help sales. I read a series of reviews on a product I was considering purchasing and after being convinced by the high ratings, I did buy it. About 2 weeks later I received an email from Amazon asking me if I would write a review about the product to help guide others and I did. Then they emailed me that someone said my review helped them buy it also.

Reviews vs Commenting on the Web

Many blogs now feature a Facebook commenting plugin (pictured below) as an additional way to gain recommendations through sharing. The question is how important is this for your business and will that sharing on Facebook lead to more clients?

Broadcast Louder Reviews and CommentsCommenting around the web is very important. Don’t just read and leave, add to the discussion. Social media has made it so easy to share articles and posts, but if you want to gain more visibility you must leave a comment that can be seen globally, not just sharing to your Facebook friends.

Your Facebook friends may not be the right audience if you care to share something, however your Twitter or LinkedIn followers may. Think Globally! The rest of the world that is following that blogger or news organization are the ones who will be interested in your comment.

LinkedIn uses the Question and Answer section as a way to showcase the members with knowledge and rewards them with greater visibility. LinkedIn groups are also a great way to be very visible to many at once because the other commenters will be following a discussion stream.

If 2013 is the year you are ready to showcase what you are about, then begin to widen your online footprint.