Five amazing women entrepreneurs tell me what they think of the webinar series. This was filmed April 25 at Savor the Success’s Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World 2012.
In this video are: Patty Lennon (Mom Gets A Life), Jodi Krizer Graber (Bravo Wellness), Dylan Glanzer (Parties by Dylan and Company), Payson Cooper (Easy Marketing Secrets), and Robyn Hatcher (SpeakEtc.)

Gene Jimenez

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Gene Jimenez“Artists can be their own worst enemies in the ‘name of art’. Focusing solely on their art is commonly mistaken as being a ‘working artist’. The number one aspect that artists disregard in their careers is their own branding. In an era of brand overwhelm, Broadcast Louder not only understands the core basics of branding, but also teaches artists how to create and nurture a memorable and successful brand. Artists are passionate people and Broadcast Louder’s Susan Newman & Andrea Rosenfeld help artist express that passion across all aspects of their brand.”

1. Name one new thing you learned about branding during our call.
Your art business has to be more than creating and selling. You must know who you are and what you are saying. All materials are an exact representation of you. You evolve and your art evolves, so must your client and your approach.

2. The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about ____________?
BALANCE. I am VERY busy and have no less than 8-10 opportunities and projects on tap at any given time. Schedule, Order and Focus.

3. I learned the most about the topic:
TARGET MARKETING. Know who you are speaking to and know who you are selling to. Demographic research and REFINEMENT. Gather data with existing customers and harvest new customers with that data.

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists because
IT’S THE BASICS. I am a professor of art at a University with a Masters Degree in Media Design (ie, BRANDING!). Broadcast Louder goes over the basics and if there is one rule in life, SIMPLICITY ALWAYS WORKS! Broadcast Louder presents this concept and explains it in one of the most concise and understandable ways I have ever heard.


Kymberley Moore

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Kymberley Moore1- Name one new thing you learned about branding during our call.
A.  I was reminded that I need to define my brand, my legacy statement and who I am and what do  I want to present to the world as my image that clearly sends that message – whatever it is that I decide on.

Two years ago I met who I thought was my dream man, I had written down what I wanted in a partner about 4 years before from their position in life down to their hair, it was a very detailed description and one day at the grocery store I met who I thought was him.  5 weeks later I married him and for 360 I was in pure bliss. However there were 4 days where he completely tortured me, physically abused me and on the final day he destroyed my art studio that I had built all by myself.  As I am writing this I find it almost funny that I allowed all three of the other days to pass by with agreements of counseling, AA whatever he promised to stop the abuse but when he destroyed my art studio – there was no going back – or forward in our relationship.  I spent almost 3 months in a domestic violence shelter and have been in complete hiding since Nov. 23rd of last year.

Last week was the criminal trial and he was found guilty on all accounts and I have been issued with a criminal protective order as well as 5 year restraining order just yesterday.  I am meeting with an attorney on next Monday to file for the divorce which have been afraid to do until now.

I haven’t created much art this year in fact only 2 pieces are new I have been going over old unfinished pieces trying to make them better.  When I got out of the shelter I started a website business and did a few sites for friends that I never really ended up getting paid for until last month I really started to sell by tripling my price and requiring a 50% deposit.

This however is not my passion – I love helping people grow their business or become successful in their life.  And after almost a year in hiding I am ready now to express who I am – once I figure that out.  I have never been a very consistent person, I create some new business and then I let it fail to start something new.

I believe that is because I haven’t aligned my “brand” with my passion and my integrity.  This short little seminar is the kick in the pants I have needed along with a very good friend “chewing my ass” last night for being so “out of touch with myself”

I have been hiding me for so long, living in fear that I had lost my desire to find myself because it might cause me to be successful and then be harmed.

I haven’t been able to trust my own decisions because if I chose this man then there is something wrong with me.  I believe through counseling that I won’t let that happen again.  I have been living by myself for the first time in my life trying my best to be myself within these 4 walls.  I have terminated almost all social contact with friends from my past except one and for the last 2 months I have been avoiding even her as I got closer to the trial and my testimony.

I truly feel like this week is the beginning of the next chapter of my life.  I am secure with myself. I did the right thing and I probably saved another woman from the same fate and that gives me respect for myself but it’s time to move on and leave this situation behind me and go forward with my life.

I apologize for this long answer but I can’t seem to stop writing – it is just flowing out finally,  I have tried writing before but I just felt so shut in and shut up by my fear of being found.

I paint watercolors and acrylics or I did and I love ceramics by haven’t been able to do that due to the financial loss I have taken leaving my job and not being able to really create the financial needs my passions require.  When my art studio was destroyed I lost several hundred dollars worth of paint and am left with several hundred dollars of blank paper.

2. The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about ____________?
Freedom – and the FACT that it’s time to move on and it’s MY time.  I would love to take her class in January and I am writing it down that I will have that much investment income in my life to define my personal goals and then reach them.

Website building is a shelter for me – I am good at it and I don’t have to ever meet my clients. I can hide behind the screen and get paid.  I sold 3 websites this month that allowed me to buy a new car in fact I have 2 now, one for the winter in Yosemite with 4 wheel drive and another that really expresses who I am – her name is Pixie Stick.

Debbie really sparked a flame in me and I am going to fuel that flame into a burning fire within to define my Legacy statement.

I find it also funny that the woman who chewed me out last night is named Debbie and my lifelong friend I have been avoiding is Debi as well.

3. I learned the most about the topic:
Defining my brand and carrying that brand through all social media outlets.  I haven’t been able to do that for the last year because I was in fear but now that he is in prison I can allow myself to share who I really am (whatever that is) with the world through my branding, my image, my presentation, my clothing, and my inner glow.

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists because…
A lot of the artists I know don’t’ feel capable of doing the web work required or that it’s necessary – they feel their street fairs and gallery showings are enough of their personal output – but I feel that if you do DO the work it will enhance your art and your passion because you are writing it daily. And I am living proof that when you write goals down and focus on them they will manifest in your life.  I believe that the broadcast louder programs will help artists of all types, define and present their true identity on a consistent basis.

That dream man that I put on paper – I left off the Not an alcoholic or wife beater – that won’t happen again – my dream partner right now is myself. I really hope I win your free class or that I can manifest the money for it.  I think it would be a major breakthrough at this exact time in my life.

To Your Success!

…..out of the greatest tragedies come the greatest victories……


 Jennie Traill Schaeffer

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Jennie Schaeffe1. Name one thing you learned about branding during our call.
I learned how to think of a mission statement as a legacy statement.

2. The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about ________?
Video editing through Camtasia.

3. I learned the most about the topic:
Building a strong company brand.

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists because…
of the success of both Andrea Rosenfeld and Susan Newman – their experience, expertise, as well as ability to coordinate and attract creative and successful guest speakers.


Shay Spaniola


Shay SpaniolaHi! My name is Shay Spaniola, I’m an emerging travel photographer, I currently have a wedding/portrait photography site and I’m now building a separate travel site, after listening to your webniar I know your company could be a great help with pushing my business forward. All of my website are listed on the bottom of my email. Thank you!

1.Name one new thing you learned about branding during our call:
After listening to the call I realized I need help. I need to hire an intern or an assistant to do my blog updates, twitter posts and social media. It’s best to focus my talents in one direction and hire someone who can specialize in broadening my audience. Thank you!

2. The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about_________?
finding wealth in all areas of my life, within my business, my relationships, spirituality and my personal happiness.

3. I learned the most about the topic:
“How to create your brand so it’s memorable.” 

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists because…
not only will it help you market your artwork, but it will inspire you to move forward and to believe in your dreams!


Kellyann Gilson-Lyman

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Kellyann Gilson Lyman“Bravo! Great nuggets for any artist/entrepreneur beginning and/or with tenure. We all need annual refreshing. I just tweeted you & placed a comment on linkedin. I would love to glean further knowledge in this inner circle.”

1. Name one new thing you learned about branding during our call.
Know who you are, your brand, your customer…..Determine your mission, speak to your audience with clear imagery to your audience. Create an identity for a memorable brand, connecting with your audience, your target audience. Apple was the best…..clean, smart design, white light, hip cool innovative & cool.

2. The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about ________?
Legacy statement & staying centered, listen & ask the experts …you, artists & entrepreneurs.

3. I learned the most about the topic:
branding & working it with your message… produce, target audience, web development + social media …pr …blog

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists…
Your materials, message & delivery are solid information for artists & entrepreneurs to move forward in their successful careers.


Miriam Cohen

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Miriam Cohen1. Name one new thing you learned about branding during our call.
Your brand identity is a multi-dimensional extension of yourself, not just your work.

2. The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about _______?
the fact that I need to take the time to think about what I need to take care of myself, rather than just worrying about my business and everyone else.

3. I learned the most about the topic:
creating a memorable brand identity that fits my professional tonality.

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other creatives because…
it addresses the specifics associated with marketing an artistic or creative business, where many of the product-based tactics don’t apply (without negating the quality and value of the work.)


John Crittenden

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John Crittenden1. Name one new thing you learned about branding during our call.
The thing that I heard that was absolutely new was the idea — given in answer to a participant’s question — that having a person to mentor or having an intern would be the answer to my work process getting stale. My work as a photographer, while social in the taking of pictures, is quite solitary in post-capture and production. I will be looking at how I can introduce another person into this part of the process — to get new enthusiasm, a different perspective, work done faster, etc. — which could get me over some of the bumps and stops I encounter in the work flow.

2. The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about_____? 
“living within the brand” and how I pretty much already do that, but also specifically how I can do that more effectively as I communicate with friends and acquaintances on social media.

3. I learned the most about the topic:
How I should reach out to other artists to share about and research the markets they sell in. I need to do this! The discussion of of price points would be a close second as most helpful.

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists because
…so much about branding is about do-it-yourself interacting with technologies that are so new, and while artists may know some of the basics in establishing a brand (or whatever this activity was called before “branding” entered general usage) there have been so many game-changing advances in just the past two or three years that they need expert advice, just to lighten the load of learning and doing. I don’t know Andrea, but Susan Newman is a good friend and knows absolutely everything about branding. She’s up to the minute, and helpful, and anyone who is creative and something to sell will learn a lot from her. Broadcast Louder sounds like just the boost a lot of artists need in making their dash for success.


Josephine Jones


Josephine Jones1. Name one new thing you learned about branding during our call.
Linking social media posts back to my website

2. The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about______?
updating my website; that it’s a living thing.

3. I learned the most about the topic:
my legacy statement- saving the planet, one unique design at a time

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists because…
its useful information that right brainer’s can absorb!


Elizabeth Badoud

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Elizabeth Badoud1. The one new thing that I learned about branding
during your call was that one must know who one is before branding not the other way around.

2. The guest speaker, Debbie Ingle made me think about
a legacy statement or purpose statement, and having one in place no matter how simple.

3.  I learned the most about the topic branding
and all the aspects of this—who is my brand and why, do I live within my brand?

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists because
BL has so much usable information for beginners to seasoned,experienced artists, and everyone gets something different from the call.


Leah T. Ruffin

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Leah Ruffin1.  Name one new thing you learned about branding during our call.
It is important to allow the mission and purpose of the brand to dictate more tangible aspects of the brand.

2. The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about…
the fact that your brand or company is an extension of you and not a separate entity.

3. I learned the most about the topic:
clarifying your brand by clarifying your mission, purpose and intended audience.

4. I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists because…
too often artists are so immersed in the process of creating and they don’t spend enough time deciphering how to get their art out into the masses- or the audiences for whom they are creating. They spin their wheels and make amazing things, and because enough time has not been spent in these branding/business exercises, they end up with an abundance of product and no vehicle to be able to share their creations. Makes me think of the old adage ‘if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it really fall?’ If you make the most amazing painting in the history of contemporary art and no one sees it, then what?