Social Media: Are There Boundaries in Posting?

What exactly is “social” media?

I would define it as an online area for interaction and sharing. You post something and others either respond or not, but are there boundaries for what we can say? If someone curses, do you tell them to stop, or just move onward. If someone posts about a taboo subject, do you un-friend them?

Yesterday, I commented on another person’s attempt at a joke, which I didn’t think was funny and told them so, and in turn was told off. In addition, the original poster said they were setting boundaries for comments.

One cannot set boundaries for what others can say in the social media realm.

no boundaries in posting or commenting in social media realmHowever, as the owner of a page, if you wish to moderate the comments or posts by others connected to your own page you can delete those comments, remove posts, or un-friend/un-follow.

But, doesn’t this defeat the whole purpose of social media? We seek interaction, don’t we? Wouldn’t it better to comment back, without being hostile?

The experience has turned me off, someone is trying to purify their posts and others’ comments. Not very social or realistic.

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