Broadcast Louder Has Even BIGGER Plans – How You Can Help This Mission Succeed

Many of you know about Broadcast Louder and my mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed in their goals. I’m grateful to all the amazing speakers who have participated since last year and the line up for this coming Summer and Fall’s webinars are fantastic.

But you know me, I have even BIGGER plans!

Broadcast Louder has even BIGGER plans.

This is where you can help me out. I’ve applied for a 250K grant from Chase because I want to expand “Broadcast Louder” in so many ways. One big dream is creating a full day event which will be round table discussions for all, learning by doing, and of course some awesome guest speakers. I would also love to hire more employees.

Would you please vote for this venture? We have to get to 250 votes and there are only 3 weeks left to vote! You only need to vote one time and if you can share it with your friends, I’ll be so grateful.

“Help Me, Help You.” Thanks so much.

1. Go to
2. Click the login + support button
3. Put “Susan Newman Design” in the business name search window
4. Click “Vote”!
5. That’s it! 30 seconds and you only need to vote one time!

One thought on “Broadcast Louder Has Even BIGGER Plans – How You Can Help This Mission Succeed

  1. Hey There Broadcast Louder,
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