Facebook Timeline Design Branding and Marketing Strategies and Free Webinar

It’s been about a week since Facebook started rolling out the new look of the Facebook “pages” for companies, topical and cause pages, and the group pages. There have been some kinks in the roll out. I still haven’t been able to get a group header image to stick. Everytime I upload it, it sends me away to another page.

I changed two of my company pages, so far, to the timeline design, adding the cover images, and on one, changed the width of my two additional pages to the new wider size, but also realized in doing so, that I must now rethink what those extra pages are for. Now that we cannot have a first impression with that single Facebook app page and new prospects land on our timeline, it’s the cover shot and profile (or logo) image that will play a significant role. But how do those app pages come to life and how do we get people to them?
Facebook Timeline design free webinar - branding and marketing techniques

On March 14th, Broadcast Louder will be joined by Louis Tanguay of Circle Marketing for the first FREE Webinar of the Spring season.

We will be discussing branding and marketing techniques, so you are making the most of the new design styling and functionality. Here’s just some of what we will cover in this 60 minute webinar/teleclass.

  • Cover Image – Great opportunity to increase your brand presence.
  • Pinned Posts – Pin an important post to the top of your timeline.
  • Apps (Formerly known as Custom Tabs) – You can have only three revealed, so which 3?
  • Messaging – You can now talk directly and privately with your customers.
  • What Facebook Is Thinking – Facebook wants to provide a controlled environment for you to build stronger and more-connected-with relationships with your fans and customers.

So join us, March 14th at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST

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