Social Media and Online Advertising vs Print Marketing and In Person Networking

I’ve been thinking about this topic for quite some time. So much of what we used to create, and how we met new people, we now do digitally. But is it enough, is it working?

I am reminiscing on some of the promotional materials I had created in the past, direct mail, postcards, brochures… and what my ROI was during that time (pretty good!) and how many of my clients used to want to produce these as a way of bringing in those new ideal clients.

Cards have become e-cards, postcards have become banner ads, and brochures have become look books. Some clients do still create brochures, but then send them as pdfs to prospects and may not print them anymore.

Spring promotional postcard with flowers and butterfliesWith the iTouch and iPad, those that prefer that medium can read newspapers, books and magazines, load their portfolio into a gallery, and surf the web to interact on social media, but I still love to cozy up on the couch and turn the pages of a book or magazine, and talk on the phone.

So the big question is if “social networking” is the way now and we’re being introduced to new prospects online, do they know us, get our brand, our messaging or are we just another “like?” Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias says when talking to someone online he likes to “look them in the eye digitally.” Are we all just “friending” and “liking” and not stopping to actually meet and know people for real?

Yes, community sites are a great way to meet new people, but I still feel that when you meet that new contact in person, it is truly then that the new relationship can begin. Afterward when you are back on social media, even though the other will just see your little avatar, or perhaps a quick video, they will still have a better sense of YOU.

Preparing for those in person meetings

If you are going to live event (such as Savor the Success’s Rock The World in NYC), like I am, or participating as a vendor, you are going to meet lots of new people, and you will still need promotional materials, oh yes! And please don’t slap things together to hand out at the last moment because you know where they will be headed after that event.

We all need branded, distinctive business cards and in a webinar last week through Social Buzz Club, Pam Brossman said she creates a new business card or two for others to pick up at every event she attends or gives. Pam wants to be sure they are seeing something new that they don’t have from a previous event and it usually has a call to action, a special offer on that card. Very smart marketing!

Many of the entrepreneurs I know have live events and ask us all if we’re interested in adding something to the free goody bags. If we don’t have any promotional materials printed what would we add? Products would be the only thing you’d already have.

So, let’s start the discussion about how valid print marketing still is in gaining new clients and if this topic interests you, join the webinar, April 18, 2012 when Lisa Steadman, Chief Woohoo Woman of Woohoo, Inc will join me.

April 18, “Is Print Marketing Dead?”

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Tips on Branding, Color Attraction, and Believing You Can Achieve Your Goals

I just watched a great webinar from Social Buzz Club with special guest Pam Brossman, author of The Millionaire Attitude. That’s a book I will just have to read! Aston Martin Red sportscarWhat I learned in the past hour has to be shared. I learned so much, thank you Pam!

1- If I don’t start my day on a positive note, the day won’t go well. Start the day with a smile and happy thoughts.

2- Take the time to map out my goals, not just for the day but for the year. Things I plan to achieve, places I want to go, how much income I wish to make, and things I’d like to buy. If you write it all down and plan it, it will happen.

3- Pam challenged us to think of one big goal for the year, and announce it on social media, because when you do, you have engaged others and won’t want to fail, so you will make it happen. (Going to think of what that will be!)

4- A great business issue to consider; of all the potential clients and estimates written, how many in the past 30 days, signed on and became clients?

5- Know Your Worth! Yes, this is the most important issue that most forget about. Sometimes when things aren’t going exactly as we wish, we start to doubt ourselves. Forget that and stop it right now! Everyone has abundant talent, creative gifts and has a voice that needs to be heard. Just get out there and do what you must.

6- ****This one gets a star!**** Color is so important! Bright colors attract business! As a designer I loved this part and how in the slides she showed some before and after photos. Pam and her husband, Steve Brossman, who live in Australia, now wear and use certain bright colors in their branding, print marketing, interior design and clothing. Cyan, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple… when you stand out with color, people notice you, and certain colors mean certain things, love this. (Time to get rid of the beige, gray, black, well maybe not the black…)

So, what has this made me think about?

Everyday is open to what I make it. I can choose to be down or up, decide every minute of every day just how to spend that day. What projects to work on, who to work with, and how to find those new potential targeted clients by how I express myself, both visually and physically.

Definitely catch the replay on Social Buzz Club!

Be Yourself Online with Social Engagement

Woman Thinking and has questionsBefore the web and social media, we’d sit in front of the TV and yell, but no one heard us except maybe our family (if they were listening). We’d talk on the phone with friends and family and discuss this or that, but it didn’t go much further.

Isn’t it amazing how that all has changed? In one day I can share an interview, post a client’s upcoming event or one of my own, schedule tweets for a day or days, and share my thoughts on the idiotic political goings on. I can share news items of value and add my own commentary. We can tell others how we’re feeling about almost any given subject and even ask for advice.

There are those who believe there’s a place for the variety of topics we care about. For example, I shouldn’t post about amphibians and frogs on Branding You Better’s Facebook page and I guess a post about Branding wouldn’t be right for the Frogs Are Green’s page.

Do we have to watch what we say and where we’re posting? What about when we join groups and everyone wants everyone else to follow their Twitter handles and Facebook pages? Is that jumbling things together? What if I write political tweets while watching the news and those that follow for branding issues are possibly offended and stop following?

Any of my posts could be on building a better web presence, Yankees baseball, travel, music or saving frogs, among lots of other topics.

So which “me” do I reveal and to whom… or should I be myself to all? After all, in real life my friends and family don’t limit the subjects we talk about!

It Takes A Community to Build A Broadcast Platform

It’s just a few days before Broadcast Louder is at full speed ahead; (our first FREE webinar on Facebook Timeline Design – Branding & Marketing Must Haves is 3/14 at 2pm est) and I wanted to talk a little about how I’m building this community learning experience of creatives and professionals.

Broadcast Louder Guests Spring 2012There are so many ways to reach those targeted entrepreneurs and small business owners. First of course was to write and map out what the classes would be on and hand pick those amazing guests. Then I wrote to each expert and told them of my plan and recruited them. This platform gives them a chance to teach some of their proven strategies while at the same time promote themselves and their businesses.

Then I designed and built the graphics and website, carefully building the functionality. I had already secured the domain name and once having that, I grabbed that name everywhere… Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, FourSquare, etc.

Then of course it was time to start promoting the program through social media and by blogging to keeping the site fresh. Little by little the interest and following started to grow and I held contests to offer FREE classes. Each expert guest provided great content as did Broadcast Louder which made for a rich power packed 60 minutes each week.

Wanting each classmate to benefit from learning and connecting with other likewise individuals, in addition to the contests, if they listened to the first free class which featured Debbie Ingle, and answered 4 questions, they were featured on the site with their links. (This is still open to anyone who wishes to be featured – Listen here >>)

Broadcast Louder’s platform is not just to hold new classes on new and important topics, but to build a community so that all are gaining visibility and reach.

In the off season before classes begin again, I took the website to a new level. Building in an Affiliate section, now everyone can earn and grow as we all learn. I have also added a products (shopping cart) which has both audio downloads and the new class course.

Online and social media is important, but I wanted to also bring to light what I have done within my own community.

I printed up a small flyer and have posted so far in a few key places, and will tackle two more locations within the next few days. The Hoboken Business Center which has a table to lay postcards and business cards, The Monroe Center for the Arts, which has bulletin board areas in the lobby, and this week, Hoboken City Hall.

I have also emailed the flyer to a few key people, who I have asked to post so others in the local community will see it and act.

Here are a few stats to show you how it’s all working when you stay on target and  consistent.

1- The website visitor growth has quintupled in a few short months.
2- The time visitors spend on the site has tripled.
3- Alexa (as of this post) has ranked the website: has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 470,523. The site’s visitors view 13.0 unique pages each day on average. It has attained a traffic rank of 75,241 among users in the US, where we estimate that 90% of its audience is located. The time spent in a typical visit to is about eighteen minutes, with 88 seconds spent on each pageview. This site has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of New York (#12,937).


The Bottom Line

It’s gaining speed, interest, and it’s my plan that everyone will benefit (and earn) based on where it’s headed.

If you have any suggestions for webinar/topics that you feel are needed, please email me! I’m always interested in new ideas and helping everyone be more successful!