How To Connect with Your Niche Market & Turn Facebook Friends into Likes

In my online webinar with Social Buzz Club, two issues seemed to be the hottest. How do we find those niche clients/customers and how do we get the huge “friends” list we’ve built over to like our company pages?

dog and cat friends and buddies

First I’d like to address how to find those niche clients. On LinkedIn, here are some of the things you can do.

  1. At the top right where the search box is, you can select people, companies, and groups from the drop down navigation. You can also select further to the right, advanced. Using any of these you can get fine tuned results to the exact job description title, place and more. However, LinkedIn requires that you have something in common in order to contact someone. So join a few groups first for your industry, or where you are an alumni. Then when you do a search and people come up, if you have a group in common with that person, now you have a way to connect.
  2. Start your own LinkedIn group and invite colleagues from another place such as Facebook or Twitter to join.
  3. Start or join in discussions in your industry through LinkedIn Groups and carefully look through the others who have commented in the stream of a discussion, then you might find people who you’d like to connect with, and be sure to read their profile so you can say something nice or helpful so they know you know what they do or where they are, etc. Don’t send a generic message to a bunch of people.
  4. Be sure to post something of value on your own profile each week, or a few times a week and others may find you.

Now for Facebook which I know has become more of a challenge to us all. With everybody posting photos, videos, events, webinars and more how do we keep up and how do any of us Broadcast the Loudest so we’re seen and heard. UGH! I know!

  1. First, remember that social media is supposed to be social, so try to tag 2-3 people in every post you create, this way you are actually asking them to engage with you, and change it up so you aren’t always tagging the same people.
  2. Be sure to switch and post as your page, and I don’t mean just on your own page, I mean visiting other pages or profiles you like and commenting on what they have written, so you page is getting exposure. ***Remember when you write posts from your page it’s public and picked up on search engines, when you write from your personal page, it’s private.
  3. You can email people directly or in groups and ask them to “like” your page and provide a link, but usually you’ll just get a few. I feel #2 above is the most effective way.
  4. You can send out an email newsletter and provide some important information, like an event or latest post and in closing ask them to “like” your fan page.
  5. You can comment with your Facebook page link in other “groups” you belong to on LinkedIn, Facebook, and on Google+ as well.
  6. You can tweet on Twitter and instead of having a link to your homepage or blog post, send them to your Facebook page.
  7. Make sure that your social media follow buttons and perhaps even the Facebook Widget Fan Box are easily visible on your website and on every page. With this they can like you without even leaving your website.
  8. Be sure your blog has social media share buttons under your posts so visitors can share what they’ve read with others.
  9. You can add the app to your page of “notes” and have your blog posts stream right in to Facebook.
  10. Consistency is key. If you write about a particular topic and friends are used to hearing from you, make sure you don’t just leave for days, because then they forget about you or you may not even be on the radar anymore, which is why tagging a few is a good way to engage.

Most important is to offer important or helpful information. Others like to be informed on news, culture, celebrities, environment, etc. Don’t make all your posts about you and your products and services.

Why We Are Fascinated by Celebrities

It’s simple. We want to know how THEY did it. Most are looking for that elusive secret that will help them succeed in their own business.

Bill Maher Gets Star and Larry King

For the past year I have been interviewing creatives and entrepreneurs in my brand series and I’m truly amazed at how many people read the stories. Yesterday I received the latest issue from Graphic Design USA and the first issue of the year is always, “People to Watch.” (I love reading about the stars of design!)

On TV we have Oprah, Ellen, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Piers Morgan, Larry King, 60 Minutes and Real Time with Bill Maher, among the vast field of interviewers, featuring celebrities and business owners, getting them to tell their tale. It’s human nature and the American way to want to be successful, but to do it we must learn what’s RIGHT for US, not copy others.

One of the reasons I created Broadcast Louder is because I want to give businesses a push in the right direction. Inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs by learning new and interesting ways to succeed. Inviting experts, the best of the best to reveal their techniques and ideas. Sometimes we need others to inspire us to achieve our goals. We read and watch these interviews not because we want to copy, but to hear their perspective.

I’m remembering a movie from 1988 called, “Working Girl” with Melanie Griffith as one of the stars. She takes the place of her boss (Sigourney Weaver) when she has a skiing accident on vacation. Instead of just inpersonating her boss, she steps up, changes her look, and starts implementing her own ideas. Bravo! I also remember her friend, played by Joan Cusack, who feels she’s overstepping the boundaries and is going to get caught, and says to her, “I may dance around my apartment in my underwear, but it doesn’t make me Madonna.”

Of course not. We don’t have to be like someone else to succeed, but we do watch and listen to hear these back stories for inspiration.

So, who inspires you?