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In our Social Media class, we learned how important social media is to the changing face of business. It builds your network, fans, clients and opportunities to a staggering degree, if your accounts are kept up-to-date, and worked on, on a consistent basis. We discussed the basic and most important social media accounts to have, to engage and HOW to engage correctly. You know your business and what you want to say to your potential customers but did you know that the best reason to tweet or post on Facebook and LinkedIn is to send people back to your website or blog?

In our Time Management class, we learned that we need to schedule and plan out our days and weeks for both work, promotion and social media so we are maximizing our time and building our businesses right and again shining the light on our websites and blogs.

But in last night’s class with special guest Denise Wakeman, she made us realize the one most basic reason to spread our content around. If you cannot be found on the internet, you do not exist.

I must say that I do quite a lot, email marketing, social media, blogging, updating my web presence and even guest blogging on other sites. And I do this for three different companies, Branding You Better, Frogs Are Green, and our own Broadcast Louder. And I know Andrea does all the same with her own Andrea Rosenfeld website and the Open Studio Coach blog.

I will also admit that with all my efforts, I too sometimes feel without responses to those company’s websites and social media posts, that we don’t exist. And so it’s time for us all to Broadcast Louder!

I’m acting on what I learned last night and will step up my syndication, my audio and create podcasts, create more videos, and start sharing my documents, articles, pdfs and more on all the sharing websites Denise was kind enough to mention in class.

Below is the all mighty website list for sharing your content!

Thanks Denise! Now go get ‘em!


Denise’s Online Visibility Group on LinkedIn

Article Sharing Sites





Doc Sharing Site



Audio Sites



Podcast Sites


Image Sites



Video sites


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