Winners Galore! Broadcast Louder Won’t Stop; We’re Giving Away FREE Classes!

You know us as BROADCAST LOUDER and that’s what we do!

Our big contest was giving away the first class of our CREATIVITY + ABUNDANCE 1.0 Course for FREE to anyone who entered and answers our 4 simple questions.

It’s important keep this strong momentum going and continue to feature artists and creatives on our site, building a strong, supportive community.

As you know, we drew one GRAND PRIZE winner who won the ENTIRE 8 teleseminar course for FREE! We had one lucky winner, Gene Jimenez!

But we won’t stop there… because that wouldn’t be LOUD ENOUGH!

Each Tuesday night during the class we will select a winner, who will win the next class for FREE until all 8 classes are completed.

That’s right, each week 1 lucky winner will get the next class for FREE! But wait…

We’re not done!

Each week we will also select 1 winner to receive the playback to the previous class!

You read that correctly; each week there will be 2 lucky winners!

Broadcast Louder Free Classes Contest

Get ready to BROADCAST LOUDER!!!

To be entered to win a class for FREE, you must Tweet, LinkedIn,  and Facebook this statement 1 Time on each of these social networks before 5PM on the day of class.

I’m learning to @broadcastlouder, extend my #brand #visibility and increase #sales! #artists #entrepreneurs #handmade


To be featured on our website, answer these 4 questions and we’ll get you started Broadcasting Louder!

LISTEN to the Call from October 11th, 2011,, and answer the 4 questions below.

1.       Name one new thing you learned about branding during our call.
2.       The Guest Speaker, Debbie Ingle, made me think about ____________?
3.       I learned the most about the topic: ___________________
4.       I would recommend Broadcast Louder to other artists because________________

E-mail INFO@BROADCASTLOUDER.COM with your statement and include a lo-res (72 dpi) image of yourself, your name, company name and website address!

You’ll be added to our Artists Recommendations Page, and our private Facebook group where you can connect and interact, bounce ideas off of one another, and have an uplifting, supportive place to grow your Brand.

To your creative brand success,

Susan Newman and Andrea Rosenfeld

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