Are you ready to Build Your Galactic Brand? Create Colossal Brand Visibility and Attract Your Exact Target Audience?


Susan Newman, host and founder of Broadcast Louder, welcomes a broad variety of guest entrepreneurs at the top of their field who will teach YOU the best branding, social media, networking, web presence, and marketing strategies that will explode your brand’s visibility and propel your business to gain a larger “targeted” audience and new sales growth opportunities.

I want to explain why I founded Broadcast Louder and go over some of the benefits these online webinar classes will bring to your business.

Before I started my own company I worked in Corporate America, but since 1994, I have been an entrepreneur and my businesses have grown, economy good or bad. I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I know how to attract the right “targeted clients.” I broadcast my brand visibility through in-person speaking engagements, events and meetings, my web presence of social communities, social media sites, video and audio uploads and consistent blogging and have implemented these strategies into my businesses.

Your company is unique and you have your own ideas about what’s right for you. I want to tell you that the same principles that work for me, can work for you and I want to help you build them into your business.

In each of the online webinar classes, I am joined by an expert speaker, hand-picked by me, to teach you the most effective and up-to-date ideas in building your business for optimum visibility and increased ROI.

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Testimonials for the Broadcast Louder Webinar Class Series

Ted Rubin“Working with Susan was a fabulous experience. Her knowledge, hard work, and passion shine through. She is dedicated to producing value for her listeners, offering knowledgeable guests, and making sure to provide as much distribution as possible.

I recommend listening, learning and participating at every opportunity.”

Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias


Melody Lesser - EverBeautiful“Susan, the webinar was great! Louis was great. Thanks for an informative and extremely helpful lesson. I’ve joined other webinars but many were ads for the company’s business and didn’t offer concrete and helpful information. This was not the case with Broadcast Louder. Will you be sending a followup email with the slides? Thanks again. It was great.”

— Melody Lesser, EverBeautiful.com


Gina Nieves“Listening to the Broadcast Louder series is a must for business owners that wear many hats.  The Broadcast series is like having a room full of experts at your side.  You can glean from their experience and immediately apply their tips to your business.”

— Gina Nieves, Founder, MarkNet Group


Gene Jimenez“As an artist, there comes a time when you step off the ledge and really go for it. In that, it can be confusing and difficult to decipher the self-branding game and the practice of marketing yourself to the world. Broadcast Louder clearly lays out a number of invaluable practices that will support in keeping one’s head on straight and focused. Upon completion, in a short time, I had a lot of valuable assets to support me as a brand.”

— Gene Jimenez, Artist, 24Peaces & StudioGene


Elizabeth Badoud“In each and every class that I have attended with Broadcast Louder I have taken away at least one thing to implement into branding my business better. Some classes I have gotten more from than others—They are so worth taking and listening to, sometimes more than once—so nothing is missed!! Keep up the good work and I love your guests!”

— Elizabeth Badoud, eab Rainbow Crafts


Niccole Nelson - Merci Cadeaux

“The dedication shown by the creators of Broadcast Louder to give us the best guest and information out there helped boost my confidence to give that same tanacity to my brand. The biggest piece I took away from my experience was that my company can be BOTH one of a kind and limited editon. I could now embrace more my idea that I didn’t fit in any one box.

Thank you Broadcast Louder for giving me a defing voice and brand!”

— Niccole Nelson, MerciCadeaux


You have specific business goals and unique products and services, but you’re not sure what steps to take next to grow in the direction that’s right for you. Broadcast Louder is here to guide you through this process. Get ready to…